This page provides training opportunities available through the Department of Elections.

Registration Drive Training

Effective July 1, 2013, all individuals or organizations requesting twenty-five (25) or more voter registration applications from the Department of Elections (ELECT) or local voter registration offices must register for and complete ELECT certified training.

Officer of Election Training

(updated August, 2020)

View a short introduction video on how to utilize the Officer of Election training on this page, or click a topic below to get started.

  1. Introduction to Elections (PDF) | Take Quiz
  2. Officer of Elections Basics (PDF) | Take Quiz
  3. People Allowed in Polling Places (PDF) | Take Quiz
  4. Checking In Voters (PDF) | Take Quiz
  5. Understanding Acceptable ID Rules (PDF) | Take Quiz
  6. Provisional Ballots (PDF) | Take Quiz
  7. Prohibited Activities in the Polling Place (PDF) | Take Quiz
  8. Emergency Planning and Response (PDF) | Take Quiz
  9. Accessibility and Etiquette (PDF) | Take Quiz
  10. Chief and Assistant Chief (PDF) | Take Quiz

 Please view this short video on Polling Place COVID-19 Considerations: