The Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT) provides, free of charge, an online application for candidates and political committees to file campaign finance reports. As of 2012, COMmittee Electronic Tracking – known as COMET – replaced the desktop VAFiling software, which had been in use since 1999. Electronic filers (E-filers) who employ 3rd party software vendors to prepare and create their reports must use COMET to upload their campaign finance reports to the Department of Elections public website.  E-Filers who do not use third-party software must use COMET to prepare and submit their campaign finance reports.

COMET Step-by-Step:

  1. Review the or COMET User Manual the COMET Quick User Guide
  2. Establish an administrator account.
  3. Create and submit a Statement of Organization (SOO).
  4. Have authorized users create their account and add them to the committee.
  5. Enter Line-Item entries (Receipts, Expenditures, and Loans/Debts).
  6. Enter any Large Dollar and Large Pre-Election Contributions.
  7. Manage your Contacts.
  8. Prepare and Submit your Reports.

All questions, comments and faxes regarding COMET should be sent to or faxed to (804) 786-1364.

Approved 3rd Party Vendors
Aristotle, Inc. Back Office (202) 543-8345
Campaign Deputy LLC Campaign Deputy (202) 915-0500
Cision, Inc Version 8 (301) 683-9657
CMDI Crimson (703) 790-8676
Custom Data Systems, Inc Association Manager.Net (804) 612-9452
DDC Democracy Direct (202) 830-2038
ISPolitical ISPolitical (800) 926-0062
NGP VAN Version 12 NGP Campaign Office (202) 686-9330
NGP VAN, Inc. NGP Campaign Office – Version 6 (202) 686-9330
Primary Data Solutions PDS Membership 3.0 (703) 348-2248
Public Affairs Support Services (PASS) EPACINFO (703) 476-3070
Red Curve Solutions, LLC Vortex 2.0 (617) 303-6800
TARGET-D Consulting Target-D, Version 12 (703) 435-2891
Trail Blazer Campaign Services, Inc. Trail Blazer Campaign Manager, 6.2 (952) 767-2651