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Political Party Committees

Any political party committee that anticipates receiving contributions and/or spending funds in excess of $200 in order to influence the outcome of any non-federal election in Virginia must register as a political party committee with the Virginia Department of Elections.

Virginia recognizes only two political parties: Democrats and Republicans. All other party organizations are required to register as Political Action Committees. Please see the Political Action Committee page for more information on their reporting requirements.

Statement of Organization

Local Party Exemptions

Any county, city or local district political party committees that do not raise or spend more than $15,000 in a calendar year are exempt from registering as a Party Committee in Virginia and are not required to file campaign finance reports. However, the exemption does not apply to county or city party committees which have a population of more than 100,000 according to the 2000 decennial census.

Types of Party Committees

A political party committee can be any of the following types of organizations:

  • State Committee
  • City Party Committee
  • County Party Committee
  • Local District Party Committee
  • Congressional District Party Committee
  • State Legislative District Party Committee
  • Organized Political Party Group of Elected Officials

Laws and Policies

Cover Sheets

Basic Reporting Requirements

  • Political party committees are required to file quarterly reports
  • E-Filers must file their reports by 11:59 p.m. on the report’s deadline.
  • Paper Filers must submit their reports in the required office no later than 5:00 p.m. on the deadline. For paper filers who file with the Virginia Department of Elections, paper reports will be considered timely if the report is postmarked on the deadline.
  • Additional reports are due within three business days after a committee receives a single contribution $10,000 or more

Reporting Deadlines

Regular Campaign Finance Reporting Forms

Schedule ADirect Contributions over $100
Use to report contributions exceeding $100.
Schedule A Instructions

Schedule BIn-Kind Contributions over $100
Use to report contributions of services rendered or goods whose value exceeds $100.
Schedule B Instructions

Schedule CRebates, Refunds and Interest
Use to report receipts of refunds, rebates interest paid.
Schedule C Instructions

Schedule DItemization of Expenditures
Use to report all expenditures incurred by a committee.
Schedule D Instructions

Schedule EItemization of Loans
Use to report the itemization of all loans received and/or repaid by a committee.
Schedule E Instructions

Schedule FDebts Remaining Unpaid
Use to itemize any outstanding debt that remains outstanding as of the current reporting period.
Schedule F Instructions

Schedule GStatement of Funds
Contributions, receipts, expenditures and loans that have occurred during the reporting cycle.
Schedule G Instructions

Schedule HSummary of Receipts and Disbursements
Contributions, receipts, expenditures and loans that have occurred during the committees duration.
Schedule H Instructions

Schedule ISurplus Funds Paid Out
Use to report the disposition of surplus funds.
Schedule I Instructions