Inaugural Committees

Any person, organization, or group of persons or political action committee that anticipates receiving contributions and/or spending funds, other than publicly appropriated funds, for the inauguration of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or Attorney General is required to submit a Statement of Organization and disclose its financial activity to the Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT).

Basic Reporting Requirements

  • Inaugural Committees file on a separate schedule than Political Action Committees and Political Party committees
  • E-Filers must file their reports by 5:00 p.m. on the report’s deadline.
  • Paper Filers must submit their reports in the required office no later than 5:00 p.m. on the deadline. For paper filers who file with ELECT, paper reports will be considered timely if the report is postmarked on the deadline.
  • Additional reports are due within three business days after a committee receives a single contribution $10,000 or more

Laws and Policies

Cover Sheets

Reporting Deadlines

Regular Campaign Finance Reporting Forms
Schedule ADirect Contributions over $100
Use to report contributions exceeding $100.
Schedule A Instructions
Schedule FDebts Remaining Unpaid
Use to itemize any outstanding debt that remains outstanding as of the current reporting period.
Schedule F Instructions
Schedule BIn-Kind Contributions over $100
Use to report contributions of services rendered or goods whose value exceeds $100.
Schedule B Instructions
Schedule GStatement of Funds
Contributions, receipts, expenditures and loans that have occurred during the reporting cycle.
Schedule G Instructions
Schedule CRebates, Refunds and Interest
Use to report receipts of refunds, rebates interest paid.
Schedule C Instructions
Schedule HSummary of Receipts and Disbursements
Contributions, receipts, expenditures and loans that have occurred during the committees duration.
Schedule H Instructions
Schedule DItemization of Expenditures
Use to report all expenditures incurred by a committee.
Schedule D Instructions
Schedule ISurplus Funds Paid Out
Use to report the disposition of surplus funds.
Schedule I Instructions
Schedule EItemization of Loans
Use to report the itemization of all loans received and/or repaid by a committee.
Schedule E Instructions