Benchmark Index Workgroup

At the April 25, 2018 meeting of the State Board of Elections (SBE), its members voted unanimously to approve the Virginia Elections Benchmark Index Workgroup. The duties of the Workgroup would be to develop benchmarks to represent a successful election. The Workgroup would do a thorough review of elections in the Commonwealth and develop metrics to measure successful elections, as well as how to reach those benchmarks.

Workgroup Members

  • Allison Robbins, Chair, (GR, Wise County)
  • Tracy Howard (GR, Radford City)
  • Michele White (GR, Prince William County)
  • Stephanie L. Iles (GR, City of Norfolk)
  • Al Ablowich , Vice Chair, (EB, Virginia Beach City)
  • Robert Barnette (EB, Hanover County)
  • Barbara Tabb (EB, Prince George County)
  • Christopher E. "Chris" Piper (Commissioner, Virginia Department of Elections)

ELECT Support Staff

  • Franchelle Tyson, Board Liaison