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Same Day Voter Registration

Same day registration refers to the ability to register to vote in-person and immediately vote a provisional ballot after the deadline to register and vote a non-provisional ballot has passed.

We will address some of the frequently asked questions about this new process:

  • Is same day registration new in Virginia?
    • Yes. Beginning with the 2022 General Election, the General Assembly approved
      legislation that provides the ability to register at any time, up to and including
      Election Day.
  • How is this different from how registration has previously worked?
    • Previously, registration was closed for the 21 days before an election; there was
      no ability to register to vote after this deadline. The new law allows registration,
      with limitations, during the 21-day period before an election.
  • What is a provisional ballot?
    • Provisional ballots are used by voters who do not appear on the list of registered
      voters at their polling location. Provisional ballots are not processed by a vote
      counting machine at the time of voting, but rather are subject to approval by the
      local electoral board prior to the ballot being counted. 
  • What happens to my provisional ballot after I vote?
    • The general registrar’s office for your locality will research your ballot to gather
      evidence about whether you are qualified and eligible to vote. The general
      registrar’s office will forward your ballot and the information gathered to the
      electoral board to review and approve or deny your ballot.
  • How will I know if my provisional ballot is counted?
    • After you vote, you will be given a notice with the date, time, and place where the local electoral board will make a decision regarding your provisional ballot. You are entitled to attend this meeting, but you are not required to attend in order for your ballot to be counted. If your registration application is approved and there are no other issues, your ballot will be counted. If your ballot is not counted, you will receive written notice from your general registrar.
  • Who can same day register?
    • Any person qualified to register to vote is eligible. However, if you are already
      registered in a different locality and seeking to update your registration, you may
      be eligible to cast a non-provisional ballot, rather than the provisional ballot used
      for same day registration. Your general registrar or officer of election at your
      polling place can provide further information about eligibility.
  • When can I same day register?
    • Same day registration and voting with a provisional ballot can be utilized after the
      October 16 deadline to register to vote a non-provisional ballot.
  • Where do I same day register?
    • You may same day register at the office of your general registrar or satellite
      location during the early voting period. On Election Day, you must go to the
      polling place for the precinct in which you reside.
  • How do I find my polling place?