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Nov. 2021 Election - Local Candidates

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Locality NameDistrictOffice TitleIncumbentNameAddressAddress Line 2CityZipEmail
ACCOMACK COUNTYCHINCOTEAGUEMember Town Council - SpecialNoK. Jay Savage7098 Wayne Road Chincoteague jdbbssav4@gmail.com
ACCOMACK COUNTYPARKSLEYMember Town Council - ParksleyNoCynthia Phillips NicollsP.O. Box 162 Parksley23421 
ACCOMACK COUNTYPARKSLEYMember Town Council - ParksleyNoEthan Francis MatthewsP. O. Box 1543 Parksley23421ethanmatthews2003@gmail.com
ACCOMACK COUNTYPARKSLEYMember Town Council - ParksleyNoJanice Benton WelchP.O. Box 743 Parksley23421 
ACCOMACK COUNTYPARKSLEYMember Town Council -- ParksleyNoBrad D. YorkP.O. Box 47 Parksley23421 
ACCOMACK COUNTYPARKSLEYMember Town Council -- ParksleyNoCarol E. MatthewsP.O. Box 1543 Parksley23421 
ACCOMACK COUNTYPARKSLEYMember Town Council -- ParksleyNoMark S. LayneP.O. Box 1989 Parksley23421 
ACCOMACK COUNTYPARKSLEYMember Town Council -- ParksleyNoThomas J. LiPumaP.O. Box 486 Parksley23421 
ALBEMARLE COUNTYJACK JOUETT DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesDiantha H. McKeel103 Smithfield Ct Charlottesville229012252diantha.mckeel@gmail.com
ALBEMARLE COUNTYJACK JOUETT DISTRICTMember School BoardYesKate L. Acuff2514 Out of Bounds Court Charlottesville22901klacuff@earthlink.net
ALBEMARLE COUNTYRIO DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesNed L. Gallaway2159 Loring Cir Charlottesville229010668gallawayforsupervisor@gmail.com
ALBEMARLE COUNTYRIO DISTRICTMember School BoardYesKatrina E. Callsen935 King William Dr Charlottesville229010624katrina.callsen@gmail.com
ALBEMARLE COUNTYSAMUEL MILLER DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoJim H. AndrewsPO Box 4866 Charlottesville229054866andrewsjames@gmail.com
ALBEMARLE COUNTYSAMUEL MILLER DISTRICTMember School BoardYesGraham T. Paige7314 Porters Rd Esmont229371919gtpaige@aol.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoBryan L. Porter423 Queen St Alexandria223142620bryan@porterforalx.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY MayorNoAnnetta M. Catchings2181 Jamieson Ave #1107 Alexandria22314annetta.catchings@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY MayorNoJustin M. Wilson300 Aspen St Alexandira22305campaign@justin.net
ALEXANDRIA CITY Member City CouncilNoAlyia Smith-Parker Gaskins800 W Broad StPO Box #633Falls Church22040alyia.gaskins@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY Member City CouncilNoDarryl D. Nirenberg307 Woodland Terrace Alexandria22302darryl@darrylnirenberg.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY Member City CouncilNoFlorence M. KingPO Box 320221 Alexandria22320king.florence.fmk@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY Member City CouncilNoGlenda Gail Parker1250 S Washington St Unit 814  Alexandria22314 
ALEXANDRIA CITY Member City CouncilNoR. Kirk McPikePO Box 16109 Alexandria22302info@kirkmcpike.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY Member City CouncilNoSarah R. BagleyPO Box 66 Alexandria22313info@sarahforcitycouncil.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY Member City CouncilYesAmy B. Jackson4012 Ellicott St Alexandria22304amy4alexandria@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY Member City CouncilYesCanek Aguirre1100 Wythe St #469 Alexandria22313info@canekforcouncil.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY Member City CouncilYesJohn Taylor Chapman112 W. Taylor Run Pkwy Alexandria22314chapman4council@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITY SheriffNoSean Casey2419 Ridge Road Dr Alexandria223023220sean@caseyforsheriff.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT AMember School BoardNoA. M. "Ish" BoylePO Box 1288 Alexandria22313ishforacps@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT AMember School BoardNoDeanna M. R. "D" Ohlandt221 Lynhaven Drive Alexandria22305ohlandt4schoolboard@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT AMember School BoardNoJacinta E. Greene100 Luna Park Drive #365 Alexandria22305jgreene4schoolboard@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT AMember School BoardNoWillie F. Bailey Sr.224 Burgess Ave Alexandria22305willbai224@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT AMember School BoardYesMichelle M. RiefP.O. Box 2444 Alexandria22301michelleforalexandria@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT BMember School BoardNoAshley E. Simpson Baird511 Fontaine St Alexandria22302ashley.simpson.baird@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT BMember School BoardNoBridget Shea Westfall2519 King St Alexandria22301bridgetforacps@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT BMember School BoardNoDeborah J. AshPO Box 1219 Alexandria22313debbie@friendsofdebbieash.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT BMember School BoardNoPreeAnn Johnson3812 Usher Court Alexandria22304preepreeontheboard@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT BMember School BoardNoRicardo N. "Coach Rico" Roberts59 S Gordon St Alexandria22304coachroberts@hotmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT BMember School BoardNoTammy S. Ignacio4326 Loyola Ave Alexandria22304 
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT BMember School BoardYesKelly Carmichael Booz143 Hilton St Alexandria22314Kelly@KellyCarmichaelBooz.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT CMember School BoardNoAbdel S. ElnoubiPO Box 11953 Alexandria22312abdel4alex@gmail.com
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT CMember School BoardNoW. Christopher Harris     
ALEXANDRIA CITYDISTRICT CMember School BoardYesMeagan L. Alderton346 Cloudes Mill Drive Alexandria22304alderton4schoolboard@gmail.com
ALLEGHANY COUNTYCLIFTON FORGE EAST DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoRonald S. Goings1717 Ridgevue Ave Clifton Forge24422rjspkids@hotmail.com
ALLEGHANY COUNTYCLIFTON FORGE WEST DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoDonnie T. A. M. Kern115 Church Street Clifton Forge24422votedtamk@yahoo.com
ALLEGHANY COUNTYCLIFTON FORGE WEST DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesGregory A. Dodd508 Commercial Ave Clifton Forge24422gad6483@aol.com
ALLEGHANY COUNTYCOVINGTON DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoJohn Wayne Persinger Jr.101 Waller Ave Covington24426riverjack5@hotmail.com
ALLEGHANY COUNTYCOVINGTON DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesJames M. Griffith1818 Westwood Dr Covington24426grifjames@aol.com
ALLEGHANY COUNTYJACKSON RIVER DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesStephen A. Bennett6800 Rich Patch Rd Covington24426millwork2002@aol.com
AMELIA COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsNoConstance "Connie" Banks16145 Archers Creek Lane Amelia Court House23002constancebanks63@gmail.com
AMELIA COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsNoDexter L. Jones13487 Dykeland Rd Amelia23002RedFarmer97@gmail.com
AMELIA COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsNoPatricia P. Archer11371 SPRINGHOUSE WAY AMELIA23002parcher341@gmail.com
AMELIA COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member School BoardNoRobyn D. Whittington13601 Genito Rd Amelia23002rdustin@vt.edu
AMELIA COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member Board of SupervisorsNoR. Todd Robinson2670 Mill Quarter Rd Ford23850ToddRobinson325@gmail.com
AMELIA COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member Board of SupervisorsNoRose Mastracco9500 FORESTDALE DR AMELIA23002rmastracco@tds.net
AMELIA COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member School BoardNoMichael Weaver3005 Richmond Rd Amelia23002 
AMELIA COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member School BoardNoSarah "Dr. T-A" Tanner-Anderson6720 Military Rd Amelia23002DrTADistrict5@gmail.com
AMHERST COUNTY Member School Board At LargeNoMelissa K. "Leecy" Fink170 Nottaway Drive Madison Heights24572leecyfink007@gmail.com
AMHERST COUNTY Member School Board At LargeYesAbby J. Thompson214 Camden Dr Madison Heights24572thompson4acpsboard@yahoo.com
AMHERST COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsNoR. A. "Tony" RobertsonP. O. Box 430 Amherst24521tonyrobertson324@gmail.com
AMHERST COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsYesClaudia Duck Tucker713 Indian Creek Rd Amherst24521claudiadtucker@gmail.com
AMHERST COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member School BoardNoDavid E. Emmert820 Kenmore Rd Amherst24521 
AMHERST COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member School BoardNoDawn N. Justice125 Garland Ave Amherst24521djforacps@yahoo.com
AMHERST COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member Board of SupervisorsNoM. Drew Wade157 Ridge Street Madison Heights24572maitlin.d.wade@gmail.com
AMHERST COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member School BoardNoEric J. Orasi244 Todd Lane Madison Heights24572eorasi1171@gmail.com
APPOMATTOX COUNTYCOURTHOUSE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoAlvin R. "A.R." Evans Jr.626 Church St Appomattox245225236arejr9500@gmail.com
APPOMATTOX COUNTYCOURTHOUSE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoSamuel E. CarterPO Box 756 Appomattox245220756sam.carter@appomattoxcountyva.gov
APPOMATTOX COUNTYCOURTHOUSE DISTRICTMember School BoardYesGreg A. Smith8102 Red House Rd Appomattox245225285VSP1837@gmail.com
APPOMATTOX COUNTYFALLING RIVER DISTRICTMember School BoardNoRoger Brandon Stough1425 Purdum Mill Rd Appomattox245228364rstough@gmail.com
APPOMATTOX COUNTYPINEY MOUNTAIN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoAlfred L. “Al” Jones III813 Woodchuck Dr Appomattox245223226jonesaj4christ@gmail.com
APPOMATTOX COUNTYPINEY MOUNTAIN DISTRICTMember School BoardNoBobby K. Waddell335 Tower Hill Rd Appomattox245224919bobby.waddell@gmail.com
ARLINGTON COUNTY Member County BoardNoAdam TheoP.O. Box 100639 Arlington22210adam.theo@TheoForArlington.org
ARLINGTON COUNTY Member County BoardNoAudrey R. Clement1530 N Longfellow St Apt B Arlington222052246aclement65@hotmail.com
ARLINGTON COUNTY Member County BoardNoMichael T. Cantwell2311 N George Mason Dr Arlington22207mike.t.cantwell@gmail.com
ARLINGTON COUNTY Member County BoardYesTakis P. Karantonis1401 S Edgewood St #472 Arlington22204 
ARLINGTON COUNTY Member School BoardNoMajor M. Webb955 S Columbus St # 436 Arlington22204 
ARLINGTON COUNTY Member School BoardNoMary B. KaderaPO Box 5803 Arlington22205 
AUGUSTA COUNTYGROTTOESMember Town Council - SpecialNoJames C. "Jim"Justis112 Park Avenue Grottoes24441jim.justis@comcast.net
AUGUSTA COUNTYMIDDLE RIVER DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesGerald W. Garber135 CAVE VIEW LN WEYERS CAVE24486caveviewfarms@gmail.com
BEDFORD COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsYesEdgar R. Tuck1335 Crabtree Ln Moneta24121edgar.tuck@hotmail.com
BEDFORD COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member School BoardYesJason W. Johnson6735 White House Rd Moneta241214531jasonwjohnson2012@gmail.com
BEDFORD COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member Board of SupervisorsYesCharla Faye Bansley120 Overlink Ct Lynchburg245033200charlabansley@gmail.com
BEDFORD COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member Board of SupervisorsYesJohn R. Sharp105 Oakdale Ter Forest245511121sharpforsupervisor@gmail.com
BEDFORD COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member School BoardYesMarcus S. Hill1158 Cedarberry Lane Forest24551Hillgangdad@gmail.com
BLAND COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsYesStephen L. Kelley3505 E Blue Grass Trl Bland243154534skelley24315@yahoo.com
BLAND COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member School BoardNoM. David Andrews6052 Waddletown Rd Bland243154867mdandrews@aep.com
BLAND COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member Board of SupervisorsNoKeith P. Costello631 Pine Hill Ln Rocky Gap243665011k_p_costello@hotmail.com
BLAND COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member School BoardNoDreama A. Gills Hatcher650 Laurel Dr Rocky Gap243667169daghatcher@gmail.com
BLAND COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member School BoardNoJ. P. Agee951 Dry Fork Rd Rocky Gap243667079jagee@bland.org
BLAND COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member School BoardNoJerri E. Harman631 Pine Hill Ln Rocky Gap243665011jeharman@1791.com
BOTETOURT COUNTYAMSTERDAM DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesStephen P. Clinton108 S Braemar Cir Daleville24083spclin0313@outlook.com
BOTETOURT COUNTYAMSTERDAM DISTRICTMember School BoardYesAnna L. Weddle1361 Country Club Rd Troutville241756957annaweddle@gmail.com
BOTETOURT COUNTYBUCHANANMember Town Council, BuchananYesChristopher B. WittPO Box 71 Buchanan24066wittcb@yahoo.com
BOTETOURT COUNTYBUCHANANMember Town Council, BuchananYesMarlon "Marty" E. Rickman134 13th St Buchanan240665569 
BOTETOURT COUNTYBUCHANAN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesAmy Stinnett White905 Stinnett Rd Buchanan240664455amy4buchanan@gmail.com
BOTETOURT COUNTYTROUTVILLEMember Town Council, TroutvilleYesDoris Campbell CamperPO Box 394 Troutville241750394 
BOTETOURT COUNTYTROUTVILLEMember Town Council, TroutvilleYesLaura Camper Bumgarner125 Moomaw Dr Troutville24175laura.bumgarner@gmail.com
BRISTOL CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoFranklin "Neal" Osborne110 Mulberry Lane Apt. 207 Bristol24201FMOsborne@gmail.com
BRISTOL CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoSteven E. Gobble, Jr.2761 Everett St Bristol242012383tigerkingva@yahoo.com
BRISTOL CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesCloe Eva Barker2715 Everett St Apt 202 Bristol242012594cebarker@bristolva.org
BRISTOL CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesJerry Allen Wolfe216 Cross Street Bristol24201jawolfe@bristolva.org
BRISTOL CITY SheriffNoCharles L. "Charlie" Thomas190 Ashley Dr Bristol242013074charlie4sheriff2021@gmail.com
BRISTOL CITY SheriffNoR. Tyrone Foster2309 Osborne St. Bristol24201bvpd0366@yahoo.com
BRISTOL CITY TreasurerYesAngelia Harris "Angel" Britt190 Montrose Dr. Bristol24201angelharris@rocketmail.com
BRUNSWICK COUNTYBRODNAXMayor - BrodnaxNoG. Lynette WilliamsPO Box 95 Brodnax239200095galsto13@gmail.com
BRUNSWICK COUNTYBRODNAXMayor - BrodnaxYesDon E. Dugger90 Richwood Ln Brodnax23920don.dugger@scotts.com
BRUNSWICK COUNTYBRODNAXMember Town CouncilNoMae Ethel WalkerPO Box 180 Brodnax239200180 
BRUNSWICK COUNTYBRODNAXMember Town CouncilNoTakera N. Walker302 Kerr Dr Brodnax239202746takeranwalker@gmail.com
BRUNSWICK COUNTYBRODNAXMember Town CouncilYesAndrew L. Dugger247 Dugger St Brodnax239202726duggeral@gmail.com
BRUNSWICK COUNTYBRODNAXMember Town CouncilYesMitchell Moseley439 Main St Brodnax23920 
BRUNSWICK COUNTYBRODNAXMember Town CouncilYesPatricia W. Holmes249 High St Brodnax239202756patriciaholmes1@gmail.com
BUCKINGHAM COUNTYDILLWYNMayorYesLinda Venable PaigePO Box 435 Dillwyn239360435mblvpaige@embarqmail.com
BUCKINGHAM COUNTYDILLWYNMember Town CouncilYesGilbert W. "Waco" Reams112 Culberth St Dillwyn239362260wacoreams@gmail.com
BUCKINGHAM COUNTYDILLWYNMember Town CouncilYesKaren S. Frable-Moss328 Lesueur St Dillwyn239362453karensue4656@gmail.com
BUCKINGHAM COUNTYDILLWYNMember Town CouncilYesOssie J. Harris IIIPO Box 202 Dillwyn239360202ossie.harris@gmail.com
BUCKINGHAM COUNTYDILLWYNMember Town CouncilYesSharon J. Baker184 Hancock St Dillwyn239362363sharonbakersjb@gmail.com
BUCKINGHAM COUNTYDILLWYNMember Town CouncilYesTora LaTonya JonesPO Box 23 Dillwyn239360023torajones@gmail.com
BUCKINGHAM COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsYesDennis H. "Bookie" Davis, Jr184 Davis Ln New Canton231232124davidennis718@yahoo.com
BUENA VISTA CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoAshton B. Dorton104 Woodland Ave Buena Vista24416ashton_dorton@yahoo.com
BUENA VISTA CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesJoshua O. Elrod2171 Forest Ave Buena Vista24416jelrod@bvcity.org
BUENA VISTA CITY MayorYesWilliam "Bill" Fitzgerald1204 Cedar Ave Buena Vista24416whfitzgerald999@gmail.com
BUENA VISTA CITY Member City CouncilYesDaniel L. "Danny" Staton1309 WALNUT AVE BUENA VISTA244161970LEMANSMAN@GMAIL.COM
BUENA VISTA CITY Member City CouncilYesMelvin E. Henson702 East 22nd Street Buena VIsta24416presidentbvfd10@yahoo.com
BUENA VISTA CITY Member City CouncilYesTyson T. Cooper2500 Hickory Ave. Buena Vista24416tysontcooper@gmail.com
BUENA VISTA CITY Member City Council - SpecialNoWilliam "Steven" Webb225 Ridge Ave Buena Vista24416wsw2020@hotmail.com
BUENA VISTA CITY Member School BoardNoCharles L. Jolley101 Hillside Ave. Buena Vista24416chas5349@aol.com
BUENA VISTA CITY Member School BoardYesJohn H. Rice1164 Orange Ave Buena Vista24416john.rice@bvcps.net
BUENA VISTA CITY Member School BoardYesJohn S. Roberts1545 Pine Ave Buena Vista24416john.roberts@bvcps.net
BUENA VISTA CITY Member School BoardYesLisa B. Kerr2524 Holly Ave Buena VIsta24416lbkerr17@yahoo.com
BUENA VISTA CITY Member School BoardYesRoy E. Mohler519 Elm Ave Buena Vista24416erskin6602@gmail.com
BUENA VISTA CITY SheriffNoE. C. "Junior" Southers2475 Laurel Ave Buena VIsta24416ecsouthersjr2021@yahoo.com
BUENA VISTA CITY SheriffYesW. R. "Randy" Hamilton1654 Birch Ave Buena Vista24416rhamilton@bvcity.org
BUENA VISTA CITY TreasurerYesMary Lee Huffman225 Magnolia Ave Buena VIsta22416huffman3@embarqmail.com
CAMPBELL COUNTYBROOKNEAL DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesCharlie G. A. Watts, II563 Theta Mill Road Gladys24554charlie@wattsara.com
CAMPBELL COUNTYBROOKNEAL DISTRICTMember School BoardYesScott A. Miller125 Hudson Hollow Rustburg24588millclan@centreylink.net
CAMPBELL COUNTYRUSTBURG DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesJon R. Hardie601 Calohan Road Rustburg24588jonhardie5@gmail.com
CAMPBELL COUNTYRUSTBURG DISTRICTMember School BoardYesDavid W. Phillips299 Somerset Pl Rustburg245883893davidphillips4schoolboard@gmail.com
CAMPBELL COUNTYTIMBERLAKE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoDenise Seay "D.D" Gillett2248 Timberlake Drive Lynchburg24502ddcgillett@gmail.com
CAMPBELL COUNTYTIMBERLAKE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoAnn M. Parker615 Collington Drive Lynchburg24502 
CAMPBELL COUNTYTIMBERLAKE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoJenn Fitzgerald167 Crestfield Drive Evington24550fitzgerald.jenn21@gmail.com
CARROLL COUNTYFANCY GAP DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoRonnie G. Collins4123 Flower Gap Rd Cana243174067ronnie24317@yahoo.com
CARROLL COUNTYFANCY GAP DISTRICTMember School BoardNoPhillip W. Berrier3428 Flower Gap Rd Cana24317pwberrier@gmail.com
CARROLL COUNTYFANCY GAP DISTRICTMember School BoardYesJoey D. Haynes115 Haynes Ln Cana24317 
CARROLL COUNTYLAUREL FORK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoJoseph H. Early III4318 Silverleaf Rd Dugspur243254050jearlyiii@gmail.com
CARROLL COUNTYLAUREL FORK DISTRICTMember School BoardNoJennifer L. Sowers142 S MAIN ST HILLSVILLE24343jenniferlsowers@hotmail.com
CARROLL COUNTYPIPERS GAP DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoSamuel "Joey" Dickson8362 Carrollton Pike Galax243336170jdickson@ls.net
CARROLL COUNTYPIPERS GAP DISTRICTMember School BoardYesBrian E. SpencerPO Box 451 Woodlawn243810451 
CHARLES CITY COUNTYDISTRICT THREEMember Board of SupervisorsNoByron M. Adkins13511 The Glebe Lane Charles City23030adkins.b@outlook.com
CHARLOTTE COUNTYASPEN-PHENIX DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoWalter T. Bailey809 Tola Rd Phenix239592700phenixchief@gmail.com
CHARLOTTE COUNTYASPEN-PHENIX DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesDonna L. Fore479 Francisco Rd Brookneal245283494dlfore0@gmail.com
CHARLOTTE COUNTYASPEN-PHENIX DISTRICTMember School BoardNoElise A. GreenPO Box 66 Phenix239590066eagreen312@gmail.com
CHARLOTTE COUNTYASPEN-PHENIX DISTRICTMember School BoardYesRobert "Bobby" Johnson720 Red House Rd Phenix239592903rrjohnson1217@yahoo.com
CHARLOTTE COUNTYCOUNTY SEAT DISTRICTMember School BoardNoCarmalita G. EscotoPO Box 573 Charlotte Court House239230573carmie.escoto@gmail.com
CHARLOTTE COUNTYCOUNTY SEAT DISTRICTMember School BoardNoE. Ennis Jones581 Lakewood Ln Charlotte C H239233433ennisjones25@gmail.com
CHARLOTTE COUNTYKEYSVILLE DISTRICTMember School BoardYesR. L. "Butch" Shook Jr.PO Box 391 Keysville239470391 
CHARLOTTE COUNTYWYLLIESBURG-RED OAK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoHazel Bowman Smith932 Jones Store Rd Red Oak239643094hasmith2@vt.edu
CHARLOTTE COUNTYWYLLIESBURG-RED OAK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoLarry W. Newcomb366 Whitlow Rd Red Oak239645061paladin@kerrlake.com
CHARLOTTE COUNTYWYLLIESBURG-RED OAK DISTRICTMember School BoardYesTeresa T. Dunaway4025 Barnesville Hwy Red Oak239645040nanaof3c@yahoo.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesTodd D. Divers2332 Glenn Court Charlottesville22901tdivers@yahoo.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesJoseph D. Platania308 12th ST NE Charlottesville22902joeplataniaforcwa@gmail.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Member City CouncilNoBrian R. Pinkston1108 Saint Charles Court Charlottesville22901brianpinkston@yahoo.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Member City CouncilNoJuandiego WadeP.O. Box 2544 Charlottesville22902lmchandran3@gmail.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Member City CouncilYesNikuyah R. Walker503 Druid Avenue Charlottesville22902vote4nikuyah@gmail.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Member City CouncilNoYas Ariel J. Washington714 Orangedale Avenue Charlottesville22903info@yaswashington.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Member School BoardNoChrista Venida Bennett106 Troost Court Charlottesville22903christa@bennettforschoolboard.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Member School BoardNoDominique M. "Dom" Morse1014 Grady Avenue Charlottesville22903DomMorse@icloud.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Member School BoardNoEmily L. Dooley114 Riverbluff Circle Charlottesville22902emilydooleyschoolboard@gmail.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Member School BoardNoLisa D. Larson-Torres1026 Cottonwood Rd Charlottesville229014ldtorres@gmail.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY Member School BoardYesLeah W. Puryear2415 Kerry Lane Charlottesville22901lwpuryear97@gmail.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY SheriffYesJames E. Brown IIIP.O. Box 272 Charlottesville22902brownoar@hotmail.com
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY TreasurerYesJason A. Vandever2210 Greenbrier Dr Charlottesville22901jason.a.vandever@gmail.com
CHESAPEAKE CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoVictoria L. Proffitt1001 Copper Stone Cir Chesapeake233208274victoriap777@aol.com
CHESAPEAKE CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoMatthew R. "Matt" Hamel901 Anna Joy Ct Chesapeake233201401matt.hamel@gmail.com
CHESAPEAKE CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoPaul R. Hedges1101 Battlefield Blvd N Chesapeake233204735paulrhedges@msn.com
CHESAPEAKE CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoShelly Fularon Wood501 Cedar Rd Ste 2A Chesapeake233225527sfwoodforCWA@gmail.com
CHESAPEAKE CITY SheriffYesJim J. O'SullivanPO Box 16804 Chesapeake233286804gomiamidolphins@verizon.net
CHESAPEAKE CITY TreasurerNoCorrie A. Cring417 E Lake Cir Chesapeake233228319CC4CHESAPEAKE@GMAIL.COM
CHESAPEAKE CITY TreasurerYesBarbara O. Carraway1712 Taft Rd Chesapeake233222704bcarrawa@cityofchesapeake.net
CLARKE COUNTYBOYCEMayorNoDavid Ferreira6 Whiting Ave Boyce226209640 
CLARKE COUNTYBOYCEMayorNoZachary B. Hudson170 Hudson Ct Boyce226209725 
CLARKE COUNTYBOYCEMember Town CouncilNoCarol L. Coffelt     
CLARKE COUNTYBOYCEMember Town CouncilYesDennis S. Hall     
CLARKE COUNTYBOYCERecorderNoCarli A. Pope     
CLARKE COUNTYBOYCERecorderNoWhitney L. Maddox     
COLONIAL HEIGHTS CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesWilliam S. "Bill" Feasenmyer, Jr.206 Comstock Dr Colonial Heights238342194billfeas2@comcast.net
COLONIAL HEIGHTS CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesA. Gray Collins III206 Waterfront Dr Colonial Heights23834gcollins3@msn.com
COLONIAL HEIGHTS CITY SheriffYesTodd B. Wilson1310 Canterbury Ln Colonial Heights238342712wilsont@colonialheightsva.gov
COLONIAL HEIGHTS CITY TreasurerNoTara S. Botts901 Germar Ct Colonial Heights238342169tarabotts@aol.com
COLONIAL HEIGHTS CITY TreasurerNoTeresa H. Cherry204 Battery Pl Colonial Heights23834okgirl2000@hotmail.com
COVINGTON CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesCathy M. Kimberlin213 W Persinger St Covington24426ck7140@eshentel.net
COVINGTON CITY TreasurerNoTeresa "Tracy" Persinger2026 LaSalle AVe Covington Tpersinger@covington.k12.ua
COVINGTON CITY TreasurerYesTheresa A. Harrison312 E Phillip St Covington24426 
CRAIG COUNTYNEW CASTLE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesJesse P. SpencePO Box 681 New Castle24127jesspen@hotmail.com
CRAIG COUNTYNEW CASTLE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoWalter Winston Marsden     
CRAIG COUNTYSIMMONSVILLE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoJason M. Matyas859 Bethel Church Road New Castle24127jason@matyasventures.com
CRAIG COUNTYSIMMONSVILLE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesKathi A. Toelke260 Bethel Church RD New Castle24127ktoelke@craigcountyva.gov
CRAIG COUNTYSIMMONSVILLE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoDarren R. Gilreath50 Sublett Lane Newport24128gilreath722@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYCEDAR MOUNTAIN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoDavid E. Durr18453 Snaffle Ln. Culpeper22701dedurr01@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYCEDAR MOUNTAIN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesC. Jack Frazier19224 Frazier Road Culpeper22701cjfrazier069@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYCEDAR MOUNTAIN DISTRICTMember School BoardYesBetsy Howard Smith20044 Kettle Club Rd Culpeper22701 
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMayorNoFrank Reaves Jr.1035 Sperryville Pike Culpeper22701 
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMayorNoJon D. Russell405 Sperryville Pk Culpeper22701 
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMember Town CouncilNoAdrian D. Sledge2083 Cranberry Ln. Culpeper22701movesledge19@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMember Town CouncilNoB. Travis Brown502 Monticello Ave. Culpeper22701btravisbrown@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMember Town CouncilNoDavid P. Kulivan Jr.2000 Snowbush Ct Culpeper227014114dkulivan@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMember Town CouncilNoJ. Fred Sapp2048 Birch Dr. Culpeper22701fred4culpepercouncil@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMember Town CouncilNoJoe M. Short701 Holly Leaf Rd Culpeper22701joe@joe4towncouncil.com
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMember Town CouncilNoN. Janie Schmidt2141 Chestnut Drive Culpeper22701votevalueswithjanieschmidt@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMember Town CouncilNoRobert M. "Bobby" Ryan102 N. West St. Culpeper22701 
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMember Town CouncilNoRobert W. "Wes" Mayles, Jr.808 Fox Den Rd. Culpeper22701maylesforculpeper@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMember Town CouncilYesPranas A. Rimeikis815 E Piedmont St Culpeper22701sfret@comcast.net
CULPEPER COUNTYCULPEPERMember Town CouncilYesWilliam M. "Bill" Yowell218 W Park Ave Culpeper22701byjules@comcast.net
CULPEPER COUNTYJEFFERSON DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesBrad C. Rosenberger4287 Rixeyville Road Jeffersonton22724bradros2@aol.com
CULPEPER COUNTYJEFFERSON DISTRICTMember School BoardYesDeborah L. Desilets3052 Southampton Dr. Jeffersonton22724Deborah4ccps2021@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYSTEVENSBURG DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoLaura A. Rogers15055 Spring Ridge Rd Culpeper22701laura.rogers2014@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYSTEVENSBURG DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoSusan L. Gugino17130 Kibler Road Culpeper22701susanlgugino@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYSTEVENSBURG DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesWilliam C. "Bill" Chase, Jr.PO Box 14 Stevensburg227410014bchase@culpepercounty.gov
CULPEPER COUNTYSTEVENSBURG DISTRICTMember School BoardNoElizabeth S. Hutchins14240 Raccoon Ford Rd Culpeper22701hutchinsems@gmail.com
CULPEPER COUNTYSTEVENSBURG DISTRICTMember School BoardNoLori J. Medley14706 Gunston Hall Pl Culpeper22701 
CULPEPER COUNTYSTEVENSBURG DISTRICTMember School BoardNoRebecca D. Bragg13003 Mint Leaf Way Culpeper22701 
DANVILLE CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesJames M. "Jimmy" GilliePO Box 480 Danville245430480gillijm@danvilleva.gov
DANVILLE CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesMichael J. Newman133 Sheffield Dr Danville245415214jeeplife6698@comcast.net
DANVILLE CITY SheriffNoRil S. Mattison504 Greenwich Cir Danville245403232mattirs54@gmail.com
DANVILLE CITY SheriffYesMichael S. "Mike" Mondul305 Shamrock Dr Danville245413249voteformikemondul@yahoo.com
DANVILLE CITY TreasurerYesSheila A. Williamson-Branch224 Searcy St Danville245416022sheilabranch@hotmail.com
EMPORIA CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoJoyce Edwards Prince603 Madison Ave. Emporia23847jepjepo@icloud.com
EMPORIA CITY SheriffYesD. Keith Prince Jr.601 Laurelwood St. Emporia23847youragentprince@gmail.com
EMPORIA CITY TreasurerNoCharles J. Osburn Jr.206 Hicksford Ave Emporia23847jay@jayosburn.com
EMPORIA CITY TreasurerNoKaren A. Taylor106 ANCHUCA CT EMPORIA23847r_ktaylor@verizon.net
ESSEX COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors At LargeNoJeffrey L. Howeth556 Riverdale Rd Tappahannock225605012jeffreyhoweth@gmail.com
ESSEX COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors At LargeNoRonnie Nelson Sidney IIPO Box 2749 Tappahannock225602749ronniesidney@yahoo.com
ESSEX COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors At LargeYesEdwin E. "Bud" Smith, Jr.PO Box 878 Tappahannock225600878bsmith44Tapp@gmail.com
ESSEX COUNTY Member School Board At LargeNoAndrea Johnson Sydnor2818 Sunnyside Rd Tappahannock225605721andreasydnor@gmail.com
ESSEX COUNTY Member School Board At LargeNoMike R. "Sweedle" Hall523 Fort Lowry Ln Dunnsville224542087sweedle4schoolbrd@outlook.com
ESSEX COUNTYGREATER TAPPAHANNOCK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesRobert L. "Rob" Akers, Jr.PO Box 1798 Tappahannock225601798akers.rob@gmail.com
ESSEX COUNTYGREATER TAPPAHANNOCK DISTRICTMember School BoardNoC. Scott Croxton19449 Tidewater Trl Tappahannock225605203locklies@gmail.com
ESSEX COUNTYNORTH DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoW. T. "Billy" Healy, Jr.PO Box 2357 Tappahannock22560WBBTHJ@yahoo.com
ESSEX COUNTYNORTH DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesSidney N. Johnson2965 Hustle Rd Caret224362220sjohnson@essex-virginia.org
ESSEX COUNTYNORTH DISTRICTMember School BoardNoGarlyn Reneé Bundy3011 Battery Rd Tappahannock225605913garlynbundy4essexschoolboard@gmail.com
FAIRFAX CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesWilliam Page Johnson, II4141 Orchard Dr Fairfax220321024page02@aol.com
FAIRFAX CITY TreasurerYesW. Thomas "Tom" Scibilia10231 Tecumseh Ln Fairfax220302123tom.scibilia@fairfaxva.gov
FALLS CHURCH CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesThomas D. Clinton711 Hillwood Ave Falls Church22042tomclinton1@aol.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member City CouncilNoCaroline S. Lian515 Anne St Falls Church22046caroline_s_lian@yahoo.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member City CouncilNoScott C. Diaz207 w cameron rd falls church22046scott_diaz@yahoo.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member City CouncilNoStuart M. Whitaker809 W Broad St Apt 309 Falls Church22046stuartmwhitaker@gmail.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member City CouncilYesDavid F. Snyder116 Great Falls St Falls Church220463401davidflemingsnyder@gmail.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member City CouncilYesDebora "Debbie" Schantz-H405 N Van Buren St Falls Church22046 
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member City CouncilYesMarybeth D. Connelly204 W George Mason Dr Falls Church22046mbdoncon@gmail.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member School BoardNoCourtney C. Mooney608 Fulton Ave Falls Church22046clc20unc@yahoo.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member School BoardNoDavid S. Ortiz259 Gundry Dr Falls Church22046david.s.ortiz@gmail.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member School BoardNoIlya Shapiro209 Midvale St Falls Church220463510ilya.shapiro@gmail.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member School BoardNoJerrod F. Anderson137 w annandale rd Falls Church22046jerrodfanderson@gmail.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member School BoardNoKathleen E. C. Tysse500 Meridian St Falls Church22046kathtysse@gmail.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member School BoardNoLori K. Silverman2811 Flagmaker Dr Falls Church220422204loriksilverman@gmail.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY Member School BoardNoTate O. Gould228 Buxton Rd Falls Church22046tate@tategould.org
FALLS CHURCH CITY SheriffYesMetin A. "Matt" Cay137 Rees Pl Falls Church22046maccay700@gmail.com
FALLS CHURCH CITY TreasurerYesJody P. Acosta101 Poplar Dr Falls Church22046jpowersquared@gmail.com
FLOYD COUNTYDISTRICT CMember Board of SupervisorsNoJennifer K. Miller244 Christiansburg Pike NE Floyd240914168chrisandjennm@hotmail.com
FLOYD COUNTYDISTRICT CMember Board of SupervisorsYesJerry W. Boothe195 Storkers Knob Rd SE Floyd240914144 
FLOYD COUNTYDISTRICT CMember School BoardNoDeborah M. Snellings294 Penn Rd NW Floyd24091 
FLOYD COUNTYDISTRICT CMember School BoardNoRenée M. Metcalf708 Dusty Rock Rd NW Riner241493482 
FLOYD COUNTYDISTRICT EMember Board of SupervisorsNoKalinda R. Bechtold4099 Indian Valley Rd NW Willis243804502kalindabechtold@yahoo.com
FLOYD COUNTYDISTRICT EMember School BoardYesC. Gene Bishop194 Indian Creek Rd NW Willis243804468floydgop@yahoo.com
FLOYD COUNTYFLOYDMayorYesWilliam R. GriffinPO Box 639 Floyd240910639wgriffin@swva.net
FLOYD COUNTYFLOYDMember Town CouncilYesBruce A. Turner209 Newtown Rd NE Floyd240912605brc_turner@yahoo.com
FLOYD COUNTYFLOYDMember Town CouncilYesChris J. Bond221 Sumpter Cir NE Floyd  
FLUVANNA COUNTYCOLUMBIA DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesJohn M. "Mike" Sheridan445 Covered Bridge Rd Kents Store23084mikesheridan@fluvannacounty.org
FLUVANNA COUNTYCOLUMBIA DISTRICTMember School BoardYesAndrew R. Pullen1837 Perkins Rd Kents Store23084pullenforschoolboard@gmail.com
FLUVANNA COUNTYCUNNINGHAM DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoChristopher S. FairchildPO Box 140 Palmyra22963chrisf@nationalfilterservice.com
FLUVANNA COUNTYCUNNINGHAM DISTRICTMember School BoardNoEric W. Anderson15 Fleetwood Dr Palmyra22963 
FLUVANNA COUNTYCUNNINGHAM DISTRICTMember School BoardYesCharles D. Rittenhouse1296 Paynes Landing Rd Scottsville24590dar5cdr@aol.com
FLUVANNA COUNTYRIVANNA DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesTony P. O'Brien30 Chatham Lane Palmyra22963tony@helixsystems.com
FLUVANNA COUNTYRIVANNA DISTRICTMember School BoardNoDarrell R. Byers74 Laguna Rd Palmyra22963byersforschoolboard@gmail.com
FLUVANNA COUNTYRIVANNA DISTRICTMember School BoardNoGequetta "G." Murray-Key17 Ashton Rd Palmyra22963gmurray.keyforschoolboard@gmail.com
FRANKLIN CITY TreasurerYesDinah M. Babb411 N. HIGH ST. FRANKLIN23851dmbabb79@gmail.com
FRANKLIN COUNTY Member School Board At LargeNoM. Kevin David1187 Ramsey Memorial Rd Penhook241371569mdavid@vcom.edu
FRANKLIN COUNTY Member School Board At LargeYesPenny Edwards Blue10440 Old Franklin Tpke Union Hall241763987peblue09@gmail.com
FRANKLIN COUNTYBOONE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesR. A. "Ronnie" Thompson1629 Deepwoods Rd Hardy241014853ronniethompson34@gmail.com
FRANKLIN COUNTYBOONE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoDawn H. McCray20732 Virgil H Goode Hwy Rocky Mount241516699dhmccray17@gmail.com
FRANKLIN COUNTYROCKY MOUNT DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesMike S. Carter210 Maple Ave Rocky Mount241511509mikeandchris.carter@gmail.com
FRANKLIN COUNTYROCKY MOUNT DISTRICTMember School BoardYesJeff T. Worley1995 Scuffling Hill Rd Rocky Mount241516401jthompostal@yahoo.com
FRANKLIN COUNTYSNOW CREEK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesW. Leland Mitchell4180 Sontag Rd Rocky Mount241513456leland.mitchell@franklincountyva.gov
FREDERICK COUNTYRED BUD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoShontya C. Washington115 Renee Lane Winchester22602shontyaforsupervisors@gmail.com
FREDERICK COUNTYRED BUD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesBlaine P. Dunn115 BedfordDriveWinchester22602bdunn@fcva.us
FREDERICK COUNTYRED BUD DISTRICTMember School BoardNoEllen G. White106 Aulee Court Winchester22602ellen@ellemforfcps.com
FREDERICK COUNTYRED BUD DISTRICTMember School BoardNoTim S. Stowe103 Heath Court Winchester22602timstowe@timstowe.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSHAWNEE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoJosh E. Ludwig226 Summerfield Dr Winchester22602joshedwardludwig@gmail.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSHAWNEE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoRichard D. Kennedy110 Collington Court Stephens City22655contact@kennedy4shawnee.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSHAWNEE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoWarren W. Gosnell225 Killdeer Road Stephens City22655goz4bos@gmail.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSHAWNEE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoDavid D. Stegmaier117 Keswick Ct Winchester22602 
FREDERICK COUNTYSHAWNEE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoEric W. Reifinger107 Hanoverian Court Stephens City22655ericreifinger87@gmail.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSHAWNEE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoMiles B. Adkins104 Honey Creek Cir Stephens City22655milesadkins31@gmail.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSTEPHENS CITYMember Town Council - SpecialNoLinden A. "Pete" Fravel III121 Smoke House Ct Stephens City22655lindebfravel@outlook.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSTEPHENS CITYMember Town Council - SPECIAL - Stephens CityNoMariah C. Smith5372 Main StreetUnit 1Stephens City22655msmith@stephenscityva.us
FREDERICK COUNTYSTONEWALL DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoTheo TheologisPO Box 4016 Winchester22604theo@theoforsupervisor.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSTONEWALL DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesJudith McCann-Slaughter562 Milburn Rd Winchester22603mccannfarm562@verizon.net
FREDERICK COUNTYSTONEWALL DISTRICTMember School BoardNoDiana L. Hackney253 Macbeth Ln Clear Brook226241516diana.hackney@gmail.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSTONEWALL DISTRICTMember School BoardNoIssa V. Kassis151 Blackford Dr Stephenson22656issa.kassis19@gmail.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSTONEWALL DISTRICTMember School BoardNoJohn J. Lamanna215 Union View Ln Winchester22603lamannaj@outlook.com
FREDERICK COUNTYSTONEWALL DISTRICTMember School BoardNoLinda G. Martin2390 Welltown Rd Winchester22603lgmartin66@icloud.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoLois B. Jacob33 Seneca Ter Fredericksburg224011114Jacob4ComRev@gmail.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoLibby K. HumphriesPO Box 8384 Fredericksburg224048384votehumphries@gmail.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITY SheriffYesPaul W. Higgs110 Springwood Dr Fredericksburg224017027HiggsForSheriff@gmail.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITY TreasurerYesBrenda A. Wood108 Goodloe Dr Fredericksburg224017010brenda.a.wood@gmail.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITYDISTRICT FOURMember City CouncilNoAmber B. Peebles400 Hanover St Fredericksburg224015937amber@athenaconstructiongroup.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITYDISTRICT FOURMember City CouncilYesCharlie L "Chuck" Frye Jr201 Howison Ave Fredericksburg224017115Chuck_Fryejr@yahoo.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITYDISTRICT FOURMember School BoardYesMalvina Rollins Kay318 Wolfe St Fredericksburg224015925MSKAY@aol.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITYDISTRICT ONEMember City CouncilYesJason N. Graham1904 Idlewild Blvd Fredericksburg224012646jasongrahamva@gmail.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITYDISTRICT THREEMember City CouncilNoRene Alfonzo RodriguezRENE RODRIGUEZ22 Pawnee DriveFREDERICKSBURG22401info@fxbg2021.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITYDISTRICT THREEMember City CouncilYesTim P. Duffy1217 Brent St Fredericksburg224015311duffyforcouncil@gmail.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITYDISTRICT THREEMember School BoardNoJesus A. Dominguez18 Apache Ter Fredericksburg224011108JesusDominguezsbward3@outlook.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITYDISTRICT THREEMember School BoardYesJennifer L. Boyd1418 College Ave Fredericksburg224015353jeferboyd@gmail.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITYDISTRICT TWOMember City CouncilNoWilliam A. Reese609 Fauquier St Fredericksburg224013745areese4898@gmail.com
FREDERICKSBURG CITYDISTRICT TWOMember School BoardYesKathleen V. Pomeroy915 Marye St Fredericksburg224015628KATIE@VUNCK.COM
GALAX CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesDavid C. HankleyPO Box 14 Galax24333dhankley@galaxva.com
GALAX CITY Member City CouncilNoEvan B. Henck214 Cherry St. Galax24333ehenck@hotmail.com
GALAX CITY Member City CouncilNoHeather M. Pyles105 Circle Drive Galax24333heatherfoot_n_face@yahoo.com
GALAX CITY Member City CouncilNoHelen Richardson KylePO BOX 569 Galax24333chelsikyle@yahoo.com
GALAX CITY Member City CouncilYesJ. Travis Haynes827 Fries Rd. Galax24333thaynes@galaxva.com
GALAX CITY Member City CouncilYesSharon D. Ritchie201 Forest Ave. Galax24333sritchie@galaxva.com
GALAX CITY Member City CouncilYesWillie T. Greene111 CARRIAGE DR GALAX24333wtgreenesr@embarqmail.com
GILES COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors - At LargeYesPaul W. "Chappy" Baker165 Riverbend Dr Pearisburg24134 
GILES COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors - At LargeYesRichard K. "Ricky" McCoy1104 Wenonah Ave Pearisburg24134 
GILES COUNTY Member School Board - At LargeYesMelissa R. Guynn109 Deer Ave Pearisburg241342101 
GILES COUNTY Member School Board - At LargeYesPhillip A. Pennington107 Levi Dr Pembroke24136 
GILES COUNTYNARROWSMayorYesC. D. "Tom" Spangler, Jr.208 Southview Ave Narrows24124 
GILES COUNTYNARROWSMember Town Council - SpecialNoR. E. "Bobby" Lucas208 Main StApt CNarrows24124 
GILES COUNTYNARROWSMember Town Council - SpecialYesJohn Wallace Mills, Jr.102 Hopkins St Narrows24124 
GILES COUNTYPEARISBURGMayorYesRobert L. Dickerson400 Woodrum St Pearisburg24134 
GILES COUNTYPEARISBURGMember Town CouncilNoAmanda D. M. Davis617 Hale St Pearisburg24134 
GILES COUNTYPEARISBURGMember Town CouncilNoCassie Martin Griffith101 Caudill St Pearisburg24134 
GILES COUNTYPEARISBURGMember Town CouncilYesCathy M. Clark1405 Cabot Dr Pearisburg24134 
GILES COUNTYPEARISBURGMember Town CouncilYesKristi D. Eaton1204 Hoge St Pearisburg24134 
GILES COUNTYPEARISBURGMember Town Council - SpecialNoGary L. Fields, Sr.404 Maple Ave Pearisburg24134 
GILES COUNTYPEARISBURGMember Town Council - SpecialYesFrank C. Tanner937 Clifford St Pearisburg24134 
GILES COUNTYPEMBROKEMayorNoC. B. Andrews, Jr.109 Hoge Ave Pembroke24136 
GILES COUNTYPEMBROKEMayorYesJames D. "Dusty" Stump205 College Ave Pembroke24136 
GILES COUNTYPEMBROKEMember Town CouncilNoH. Steve Bremer101 First St Pembroke24136 
GILES COUNTYPEMBROKEMember Town CouncilYesBetty Anne SpearsPO Box 102 PEMBROKE24136 
GILES COUNTYPEMBROKEMember Town CouncilYesDana D. "Ace" Munsey103 Pembroke St Pembroke24136 
GILES COUNTYPEMBROKEMember Town CouncilYesDonald G. Poteet II614 Cascade Dr Pembroke24136 
GILES COUNTYPEMBROKEMember Town CouncilYesRobert A. Lawson519 Circle Dr Pembroke24136 
GILES COUNTYRICH CREEKMember Town CouncilYesMark E. Clemons1006 Pine Pl Rich Creek24147 
GILES COUNTYRICH CREEKMember Town CouncilYesMarty A. GautierPO Box 346 Rich Creek24147 
GLOUCESTER COUNTY Clerk of CourtNoCathy L. Dale7172 Deer Run Dr Gloucester230614143cathyldale4clerkofcourt@gmail.com
GLOUCESTER COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors - At LargeNoTeresa L. AltemusPO Box 54 Achilles230010054altemus4supervisor@gmail.com
GLOUCESTER COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors - At LargeYesKevin M. Smith7294 Stokes Dr Hayes230723514kevinsmith9742@gmail.com
GLOUCESTER COUNTY Member School Board - At LargeNoKellie L. Lockerby5858 Hillside Dr Gloucester230614456lockerby.kellie@gmail.com
GLOUCESTER COUNTYPETSWORTH DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoKen W. GibsonPO Box 219 Dutton230500219ken@gibsonsingleton.com
GLOUCESTER COUNTYPETSWORTH DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesMichael R. Winebarger5979 Glen Auburn Ln Gloucester230612766mikeandjanet2007@gmail.com
GLOUCESTER COUNTYPETSWORTH DISTRICTMember School BoardNoKaren L. Espinoza3314 Sassafras Rd Gloucester230613399karenespinoza3314@gmail.com
GLOUCESTER COUNTYPETSWORTH DISTRICTMember School BoardYesAnita F. Parker6984 Deer Stand Dr Gloucester230612889anita.parker@gc.k12.va.us
GLOUCESTER COUNTYYORK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesPhillip N. Bazzani8116 Little England Rd Hayes230723842pbazzani@gloucesterva.info
GLOUCESTER COUNTYYORK DISTRICTMember School BoardNoCarlton L. "Drew" Drew8400 Little England Rd Hayes230723874carltondrew8654@gmail.com
GLOUCESTER COUNTYYORK DISTRICTMember School BoardYesElisa A. NelsonPO Box 438 White Marsh231830438enelsonyork@gmail.com
GOOCHLAND COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member School BoardNoAngela Small Allen2498 Turner Rd Goochland230632601angela@voteangelaallen.com
GOOCHLAND COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member School BoardYesBillie Jo B. LeaboughPO Box 501 Goochland230630501billiejo4gcsb@gmail.com
GRAYSON COUNTYELK CREEK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoTracy A. "Zeke" Anderson1410 Klondike Rd. Independence24348tanderson6022@gmail.com
GRAYSON COUNTYELK CREEK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesBrenda R. Sutherland166 Caty Sage Road Elk Creek24326ecsutherlands@gmail.com
GRAYSON COUNTYELK CREEK DISTRICTMember School BoardYesFred W. Weatherman1283 Powerhouse Rd Independence243483708fredweatherman@embarqmail.com
GRAYSON COUNTYWILSON DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoR. Brantley Ivey3352 Battlefield Dr. Independence24348brantley@graysonnatural.com
GRAYSON COUNTYWILSON DISTRICTMember School BoardYesRichard A. "Rick" Sage4450 Highlands Parkway Mouth of Wilson24363ricksage55@gmail.com
GREENE COUNTYMIDWAY DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoMarie C. DurrerPO Box 26 Ruckersville229680026mariec.durrer@yahoo.com
GREENE COUNTYMIDWAY DISTRICTMember School BoardNoBrooks M. TaylorPO Box 59 Ruckersville22968brookstaylor4gcsb@gmail.com
GREENE COUNTYMIDWAY DISTRICTMember School BoardNoGregory M. Pumphrey84 Greene Ct Ruckersville229689599gpumphreyforschoolboard@gmail.com
GREENE COUNTYMIDWAY DISTRICTMember School BoardNoJean-Marie Devory112 Doris Dr Ruckersville229683685jmdevory@gmail.com
GREENE COUNTYSTANARDSVILLE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoAbbey E. W. Heflin105 Old Farm Rd Ruckersville229682353voteabbey2021@gmail.com
GREENE COUNTYSTANARDSVILLE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoTina A. Deane467 Tower Road Stanardsville22973tinaadeane@gmail.com
GREENE COUNTYSTANARDSVILLE DISTRICTMember School BoardYesJason K. CollierPO Box 787 Stanardsville229730787jcollier84@gmail.com
GREENSVILLE COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member School BoardNoRustin R. Jessee1588 GRASSY POND RD EMPORIA23847rjessee5@gmail.com
HALIFAX COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsNoLarry D. Roller8125 Mt Laurel Road Clover24534 
HALIFAX COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member School BoardYesRoy Keith Lloyd4055 MT LAUREL RD CLOVER24534roy.lloyd5928@gmail.com
HALIFAX COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member Board of SupervisorsNoAmy J. Gautier1010 Wilson Memorial Trail Vernon Hill24597amygautier@aol.com
HALIFAX COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member Board of SupervisorsYesHubert W. H. Pannell1072 Wilson Memorial Trail Vernon Hill24597hubertt@embarqmail.com
HALIFAX COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member School BoardNoMelissa E. Hicks14196 Mountain Road Vernon Hill24597melissaehicks@gmail.com
HALIFAX COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member School BoardNoThomas J. LeeP O Box 783 Halifax24558thedep@gmail.com
HALIFAX COUNTYDISTRICT 6Member Board of SupervisorsYesStanley H. Brandon2221 Coleman Drive Alton24520 
HALIFAX COUNTYDISTRICT 6Member School BoardNoLacey K. Shotwell9033 Philpott Road South Boston24592 
HALIFAX COUNTYDISTRICT 6Member School BoardYesS. Todd Moser6132 Oak Level Road Halifax24558hac@mail.gcronline.com
HAMPTON CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesRoss A. Mugler11 Oakville Road Hampton23669rmugler@hampton.gov
HAMPTON CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesAnton A. Bell3 Quarterhouse Turn Hampton23664antonbell2012@gmail.com
HAMPTON CITY SheriffNoKaren E. BowdenP O Box 484 Hampton23669bowdenfamily234@cox.net
HAMPTON CITY TreasurerNoChris O. Snead6 Cook Circle Hampton23669SneadforTreasurer@gmail.com
HANOVER COUNTYASHLANDMember Town CouncilNoDavid J. Frisch109 Early St Ashland230051944votefrisch@gmail.com
HANOVER COUNTYASHLANDMember Town CouncilYesDaniel W. McGraw100 Dewey St Ashland230051405mcgraw742@gmail.com
HANOVER COUNTYASHLANDMember Town CouncilYesJohn H. Hodges106 Howard St Ashland230051919jhodges@ashlandva.gov
HARRISONBURG CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesKaren I. Rose95 Laurel St Harrisonburg228012732karenforcommissioner@gmail.com
HARRISONBURG CITY TreasurerYesJeffrey L. Shafer1841 Rhianon Ln Harrisonburg228018446jeff.shafer@harrisonburgva.gov
HENRY COUNTYBLACKBERRY DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesJimmie L. "Jim" Adams103 Dalewood Drive Bassett24055jadams@co.henry.va.us
HENRY COUNTYBLACKBERRY DISTRICTMember School BoardYesThomas E. Auker360 Primrose Drive Bassett24055tauker@embarqmail.com
HENRY COUNTYCOLLINSVILLE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoAndrew C. PalmerPO Box 692 Collinsville24078drew952002@yahoo.com
HENRY COUNTYCOLLINSVILLE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesJoseph A. "Joe" Bryant3449 Virginia Ave Collinsville24078joebryant1955@yahoo.com
HENRY COUNTYCOLLINSVILLE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoElizabeth A. Durden711 Woodlawn Avenue Martinsville24112mrselizabethdurden@gmail.com
HENRY COUNTYCOLLINSVILLE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoRay P. Reynolds Jr.65 Printers Lane Collinsville24112electrayreynolds@gmail.com
HENRY COUNTYIRISWOOD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoBilly Dean White8655 Chatham Rd Martinsville241121453pastordean4supervisor@yahoo.com
HENRY COUNTYIRISWOOD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoEric J. PhillipsP. O. Box 685 Axton24054eric@phillipsforsupervisor.com
HENRY COUNTYIRISWOOD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoEric W. Bowling1225 Old Liberty Dr Axton240542483eb4iriswood@gmail.com
HENRY COUNTYIRISWOOD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoGarrett L. Dillard516 Chatmoss Ct Martinsville241120455gdill50@yahoo.com
HENRY COUNTYIRISWOOD DISTRICTMember School BoardNoBenjamin E. Gravely4732 Chatham Rd Martinsville241121727bengravely@comcast.net
HOPEWELL CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesDebra Kloske Reason700 Cedar Level Rd. Hopewell23860dreason@hopewellva.com
HOPEWELL CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesRichard K. "Rick" Newman205 Ramsey Avenue Hopewell23860rknesq@aol.com
HOPEWELL CITY SheriffNoTravis L. Stanley3920 Shenandoah Cir. Hopewell23860travis.stanley@gmail.com
HOPEWELL CITY SheriffYesSteve M. Kephart Jr.100 East Broadway Hopewell23860skephart@hopwellva.gov
HOPEWELL CITY TreasurerNoA . J . Eavey, III2704 Gordon ST. Hopewell23860eavey4treasurer@gmail.com
HOPEWELL CITY TreasurerNoShannon Foskey244 Bull Run hopewell23860Shan4hopewell@gmail.com
ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTYCARRSVILLE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesDon G. Rosie II29557 WALTERS HWY CARRSVILLE23315drosie@isleofwightus.net
ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTYCARRSVILLE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoJohn W. Collick Jr.27384 COLOSSE RD CARRSVILLE233151stsgtc@1791.com
ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTYCARRSVILLE DISTRICTMember School BoardYesJacqueline W. Carr19060 POPE SWAMP TR WINDSOR23487jdcarr4@aol.com
ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTYHARDY DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesRudolph Jefferson5073 OWENS LN SMITHFIELD23430jeffersonr@charter.net
ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTYHARDY DISTRICTMember School BoardNoMichael A. CunninghamP.O. Box 66 Smithfield23431michael.a.cunningham10@gmail.com
ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTYHARDY DISTRICTMember School BoardNoTodd A. Meier16369 TRUMP TOWN RD WINDSOR23487todd.meier@gmail.com
JAMES CITY COUNTYJAMESTOWN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesJames O. Icenhour, Jr.101 Shinnecock Williamsburg231889125jimicenhour@msn.com
JAMES CITY COUNTYJAMESTOWN DISTRICTMember School BoardNoSarah C.G. Ortego4709 Yarrow Ct Williamsburg231882427sarahortego4schoolboard@gmail.com
JAMES CITY COUNTYPOWHATAN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesMichael J. Hipple, Sr.821 Arlington Island Rd Lanexa230899120michael@mjhbuilder.com
JAMES CITY COUNTYPOWHATAN DISTRICTMember School BoardNoKimberley M. Hundley108 Mattaponi Trl Williamsburg231881602kimberleyhundley1962@gmail.com
JAMES CITY COUNTYPOWHATAN DISTRICTMember School BoardNoTye M. Lageman112 Royal Musselburgh Williamsburg231887403tdlag@yahoo.com
KING GEORGE COUNTYJAMES MONROE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoTerence P. "T.C" Collins6055 Marineview Rd King George22485 
KING GEORGE COUNTYJAMES MONROE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoMatthew J. Roles12617 Cleydael Blvd King George22485oshkoshw277@pm.me
KING GEORGE COUNTYJAMES MONROE DISTRICTMember School BoardNoMiriam M. W. Niemi9566 Barbara's Way King George22485vote4niemi@gmail.com
KING GEORGE COUNTYSHILOH DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoCedell Brooks Jr.14347 Kings Hwy King George22485 
KING GEORGE COUNTYSHILOH DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesCathy E. Binder9060 Dawsons Landing Dr King George22485 
KING GEORGE COUNTYSHILOH DISTRICTMember School BoardNoDavid F. Bush15598 Dickinsons Corner Dr King George22485 
KING GEORGE COUNTYSHILOH DISTRICTMember School BoardNoEarsley M. RobinsonPO Box 933 King George22485earsleymcdowney@gmail.com
LANCASTER COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsNoCraig H. Giese18 Holiday Dr Lancaster22503friendsofcraiggiese@gmail.com
LANCASTER COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member School BoardNoC. Faith Kemp326 Oak Hill Rd Lancaster22503kempck@yahoo.com
LANCASTER COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member School BoardNoCarl E. Failmezger285 E. Highview Dr Lancaster22503carlfailmezger@gmail.com
LANCASTER COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member Board of SupervisorsNoWilliam C. SmithPO Box 370 Kilmarnock22482wsmith@bsnsports.com
LANCASTER COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member School BoardNoMargaret E. Socey20 Larkspur Lane Weems22576mesocey@gmail.com
LANCASTER COUNTYIRVINGTONMayor - IrvingtonNoGabe G. del Rio III732 Chesapeake Dr Irvington22480gabe4irvington@gmail.com
LANCASTER COUNTYIRVINGTONMayor - IrvingtonNoJulie W. HarrisPO Box 81 Irvington22480jharris@town.irvington.va.us
LANCASTER COUNTYIRVINGTONMember Town Council - SpecialNoJ. Chris Braly298 Chesapeake Dr Irvington22480chris_braly@hotmail.com
LANCASTER COUNTYWHITE STONEMember Town Council - SpecialNoJames E. "Jimmy" Smith150 Pine Dr. White Stone22578 
LEXINGTON CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesKaren Telling RoundyPO BOX 401 LEXINGTON244500401kroundy@lexingtonva.gov
LEXINGTON CITY TreasurerYesPatricia S. DelaneyPO BOX 534214 FULLER STREETLEXINGTON24450pdelaney@lexingtonva.gov
LOUDOUN COUNTYMIDDLEBURGMayor - MiddleburgYesTrowbridge M. "Bridge" LittletonPO Box 193 Middleburg201180193bridgelittleton@hotmail.com
LOUDOUN COUNTYMIDDLEBURGMember Town Council - MiddleburgYesC. Darlene KirkPO Box 143 Middleburg201180143darlenekirk@aol.com
LOUDOUN COUNTYMIDDLEBURGMember Town Council - MiddleburgYesCindy C. PearsonPO Box 1638 Middleburg201181638ccpearson@middleburgva.gov
LOUDOUN COUNTYMIDDLEBURGMember Town Council - MiddleburgYesMorris E. "Bud" Jacobs134 N Jay St Middleburg201172660mjacobs113@comcast.net
LOUDOUN COUNTYMIDDLEBURGMember Town Council - MiddleburgYesPeter A. Leonard-Morgan8 Chinn Ln Middleburg201172676plm.middleburg@gmail.com
LOUDOUN COUNTYPURCELLVILLEMember Town Council - SpecialNoErin K. Rayner108 Upper Heyford Pl Purcellville201323497 
LOUDOUN COUNTYPURCELLVILLEMember Town Council - SpecialNoSean MacDonaldPO Box 3073 Sterling201673073 
LOUDOUN COUNTYROUND HILLMayor - Round HillYesScott T. Ramsey14 W Loudoun St Round Hill201412621sramsey@alumni.virgnia.edu
LOUDOUN COUNTYROUND HILLMember Town Council - Round HillYesJesse P. Howe4 High St Round Hill201419419 
LOUDOUN COUNTYROUND HILLMember Town Council - Round HillYesPaula G. James4 Mystic Ln Round Hill201412427happyacrefarm@aol.com
LOUISA COUNTYGREEN SPRINGS DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoRachel G. Jones1554 Zion Rd Zion Crossroads229426902jonesrgreensprings@gmail.com
LOUISA COUNTYGREEN SPRINGS DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesRobert F. Babyok Jr.303 Turkey Trot Ln Zion Crossroads229427012rbabyokjr@yahoo.com
LOUISA COUNTYGREEN SPRINGS DISTRICTMember School BoardYesDebbie A. Hoffman6511 S SPOTSWOOD TRL GORDONSVILLE22942dhoffman10@verizon.net
LOUISA COUNTYMINERALMember Town CouncilNoDavid R. LawsonPO Box 64 Mineral23117lawsonpm@hotmail.com
LOUISA COUNTYMINERALMember Town CouncilYesThomas C. RunnettPO Box 31 Mineral23117trunnett@yahoo.com
LOUISA COUNTYMINERAL DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesDuane A. Adams493 Bailey Drive Mineral23117duane@duaneadams.net
LOUISA COUNTYMINERAL DISTRICTMember School BoardYesSherman T. Shifflett161 White Walnut Rd Louisa230933926sherwood@firstva.com
LOUISA COUNTYMOUNTAIN ROAD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesTommy J. Barlow4089 Cross County Road Mineral23117kmhartsurveys@aol.com
LOUISA COUNTYMOUNTAIN ROAD DISTRICTMember School BoardYesO. Gail Proffitt556 Merry Oak Ln Mineral231172708proffigo@lcps.k12.va.us
LOUISA COUNTYPATRICK HENRY DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoWilliam D. Woody Jr.PO Box 321 Louisa23093williamwoodyforsupervisor@gmail.com
LOUISA COUNTYPATRICK HENRY DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesFitzgerald A. "Coach" Barnes2800 Holland Creek Rd Louisa23093vsuque@hotmail.com
LOUISA COUNTYPATRICK HENRY DISTRICTMember School BoardYesGregory V. Strickland293 Byrd Mill Rd Louisa230933316strickgv2@gmail.com
LUNENBURG COUNTY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoJordan A. Spiers2623 Washington Ave Victoria23974jordan.a.spiers@gmail.com
LUNENBURG COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsYesT Wayne Hoover2023 9TH St Victoria23974twhoover70@gmail.com
LUNENBURG COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member Board of SupervisorsYesFrank W. Bacon2978 Bacon Fork Rd Kenbridge23944baconfw@longwood.edu
LUNENBURG COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member School BoardNoShannon L. Hinkle1415 Hinkle Rd Kenbridge23944shinklesbr@gmail.com
LUNENBURG COUNTYDISTRICT 7Member Board of SupervisorsYesRobert G. "Bob" Zava5388 Crymes Rd Victoria23974rzava@lunenburgva.net
LUNENBURG COUNTYDISTRICT 7Member School BoardYesAmy Newcomb McClure5261 Double Bridges Rd Meherrin23954amy.mcclure@k121cps.org
LYNCHBURG CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesMitchell W. Nuckles3583 Gregory Lane Lynchburg24503mitchell.nuckles@lynchburgva.gov
LYNCHBURG CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesBethany A. HarrisonP.O. Box Lynchburg24504BamaLaw2005@yahoo.com
LYNCHBURG CITY SheriffYesDonald T. "Don" SloanP.O. Box 693 Lynchburg24505donsloanforsheriff@gmail.com
LYNCHBURG CITY TreasurerYesRobert L. Bailey Jr.2615 Hurdle Hill Rd Lynchburg24503electrobertbailey@gmail.com
MADISON COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors At LargeNoDustin A. Dawson233 Schoolhouse Rd Madison22727dustindawson4bos@yahoo.com
MADISON COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors At LargeNoJames W. Jewett6800 LOCUST DALE RD LOCUST DALE22948jimformadison@gmail.com
MADISON COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors At LargeNoSteve A. Grayson79 Layden Lakeview Cir Madison22727sgrayson@copper.net
MADISON COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors At LargeYesR. Clay Jackson37 Yager Mountain Rd Madison22727senterfitt4x4@aol.com
MADISON COUNTY Member School Board At LargeNoCharles "Charlie" R. Sheads, Jr.1209 James City Rd Reva22735sheads1@comcast.net
MADISON COUNTY Member School Board At LargeNoChristopher W. Wingate824 BOOTONS LN ORANGE22960christopherwingate1@gmail.com
MADISON COUNTY Member School Board At LargeNoMesha L. Jones1915 Twymans Mill Rd Madison meshacn2@gmail.com
MADISON COUNTY Member School Board At LargeYesNita D. Collier3830 Lillards Ford Rd Brightwood22715thecolliercrew5@gmail.com
MANASSAS CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoStacia M. Jennings9562 Oakenshaw Dr.   jenningsformanassas@gmail.com
MANASSAS CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoTim Demeria8529 Burlington Ct Manassas201106322votedemeria@gmail.com
MANASSAS CITY Member City CouncilNoDavid S. Farajollahi9851 Buchanan Loop Manassas201107844david4manassas@gmail.com
MANASSAS CITY Member City CouncilNoLynn Forkell Greene10118 Greenleaf Dr. Manassas20110lynn4council@gmail.com
MANASSAS CITY TreasurerNoAnna V. Phillips10349 Tito Ct Manassas201106172annaphillipsfortreasurer@gmail.com
MANASSAS CITY TreasurerYesPatricia E. Richie-FolksFriends of Patricia E. Richie Folks9942 Grapewood CtManassas201103840patricia4citytreasurer@gmail.com
MANASSAS PARK CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesDebra D. Wood103 Meeker St Manassas Park20111 
MANASSAS PARK CITY TreasurerYesPatricia A. "Patty" Trimble8683 Inyo Pl Manassas Park20111trimblep62@gmail.com
MARTINSVILLE CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesRuth L. Easley404 Oakdale St Martinsville241123825reasley811@yahoo.com
MARTINSVILLE CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesG. Andrew Hall1506 Whittle Rd Martinsville241125533ahall@ci.martinsville.va.us
MARTINSVILLE CITY SheriffYesSteve M. DraperPO Box 1326 Martinsville241141326smdraper@ci.martinsville.va.us
MARTINSVILLE CITY TreasurerYesC. L. "Cindy" Dickerson714 Clarke Rd Martinsville241125406cdickerson@ci.martinsville.va.us
MATHEWS COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors - At LargeNoBilly R. Cook Jr.PO BOX 773 Mathews23109billycookjr@gmail.com
MATHEWS COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors - At LargeNoDavid S. Jones, Sr.PO Box 1099 Mathews23109djones@jbpropdev.com
MATHEWS COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors - At LargeNoDee Russell276 Yeiser Lane Hudgins23076dee4bos@gmail.com
MATHEWS COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors - At LargeNoMike Walls57 Pinetta Dr Hudgins23076wtitruck@gmail.com
MATHEWS COUNTY Member Board of Supervisors - At LargeYesMike Rowe394 San Souci Lane Cardinal23025RoweMCCgs@gmail.com
MATHEWS COUNTY Member School Board - At LargeNoD. Lorraine Forrest240 Diggs Wharf Rd Port Haywood23138forrestformathewsschoolboard@gmail.com
MATHEWS COUNTY Member School Board - At LargeNoRobert A. "Bobby" Dobson1050 Roane Point Rd Cobbs Creek23035usaretsfcrobertdobson@hotmail.com
MATHEWS COUNTY Member School Board - At LargeNoSamantha L. Morgan49 Beaumar Rd Moon23119s.l.crandol@gmail.com
MATHEWS COUNTY Member School Board - At LargeYesLinda HodgesPO BOX 934 Mathews23109lghodges930@gmail.com
MECKLENBURG COUNTYBRODNAXMayor - BrodnaxNoG. Lynette WilliamsPO Box 95 Brodnax239200095galsto13@gmail.com
MECKLENBURG COUNTYBRODNAXMayor - BrodnaxYesDon E. Dugger90 Richwood Ln Brodnax23920don.dugger@scotts.com
MECKLENBURG COUNTYBRODNAXMember Town CouncilNoMae Ethel WalkerPO Box 180 Brodnax239200180 
MECKLENBURG COUNTYBRODNAXMember Town CouncilNoTakera N. Walker302 Kerr Dr Brodnax239202746takeranwalker@gmail.com
MECKLENBURG COUNTYBRODNAXMember Town CouncilYesAndrew L. Dugger247 Dugger St Brodnax239202726duggeral@gmail.com
MECKLENBURG COUNTYBRODNAXMember Town CouncilYesMitchell Moseley439 Main St Brodnax23920 
MECKLENBURG COUNTYBRODNAXMember Town CouncilYesPatricia W. Holmes249 High St Brodnax239202756patriciaholmes1@gmail.com
MIDDLESEX COUNTY Clerk of CourtNoRachel K. HartenbachPO BOX 403 HARTFIELD23071rkhartenbach@gmail.com
MIDDLESEX COUNTYHARTFIELDMember Board of SupervisorsYesJohn B. Koontz, Jr.16 TURTLE POINT LN HARTFIELD23071hartfieldbos@gmail.com
MIDDLESEX COUNTYHARTFIELDMember School BoardNoJenny I. McMurtrie339 Pipe N Tree Dr Hartfield23071jennysdogart@gmail.com
MIDDLESEX COUNTYHARTFIELDMember School BoardNoPamela L. Burrell Pierce25 Riverboat Lane E Hartifeld23071pburrellpierce@gmail.com
MIDDLESEX COUNTYSALUDA DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoDon R. Harris833 OLD COURTHOUSE RD SALUDA23149donRharris22@gmail.com
MIDDLESEX COUNTYSALUDA DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoGreg R. Chambers115 CEDAR POINTE DR URBANNA23175gregrchambers@gmail.com
MIDDLESEX COUNTYSALUDA DISTRICTMember School BoardNoDana D. Burnett1 Shell Ct Urbanna23175dburnett2@odu.edu
MONTGOMERY COUNTYBLACKSBURGMayorYesLeslie Hager-Smith906 Allendale Court Blacksburg24060lesismore@gmail.com
MONTGOMERY COUNTYBLACKSBURGMember Town CouncilYesLauren M. Colliver2101 Walnut Drive Blacksburg24060hello@laurencolliver.com
MONTGOMERY COUNTYBLACKSBURGMember Town CouncilYesSusan G. Anderson700 Preston Avenue Blacksburg24060andersonforcouncil@verizon.net
MONTGOMERY COUNTYBLACKSBURGMember Town CouncilYesSusan M. Mattingly2107 Glade Road Blacksburg24060suecatmatt@comcast.net
MONTGOMERY COUNTYCHRISTIANSBURGMayorYesD. Michael Barber365 Tomahawk Drive Christiansburg24073mbarber@christiansburg.org
MONTGOMERY COUNTYCHRISTIANSBURGMember Town CouncilNoAnthony W. Woodyard590C NORTH DRIVE CHRISTIANSBURG24073woodyarda15@gmail.com
MONTGOMERY COUNTYCHRISTIANSBURGMember Town CouncilNoCasey Paterson Jenkins1150 George Edward Via Christiansburg24073caseypj@vt.edu
MONTGOMERY COUNTYCHRISTIANSBURGMember Town CouncilNoRichard H."Hil"Johnson140 Brilliant Dr Christiansburg24073rhj121757@yahoo.com
MONTGOMERY COUNTYCHRISTIANSBURGMember Town CouncilNoTanya J. Hockett80 Somerset Street Christiansburg24073tanyafortowncouncil@gmail.com
MONTGOMERY COUNTYDISTRICT AMember Board of SupervisorsYesSara R. Bohn2360 Woodland Hills Dr Blacksburg240609270sarabohnforsupervisor@gmail.com
MONTGOMERY COUNTYDISTRICT AMember School BoardNoKaren C. Myers4902 MT TABOR ROAD BLACKSBURG24060kcmyers33@hughes.net
MONTGOMERY COUNTYDISTRICT AMember School BoardNoLinwood D. Hudson610 Country Club Dr SE Blacksburg24060linwoodhudson4schoolboard@gmail.com
MONTGOMERY COUNTYDISTRICT CMember Board of SupervisorsYesSteve R. Fijalkowski2557 Mount Pleasnat Road Shawsville24162stevefordistrictc@gmail.com
MONTGOMERY COUNTYDISTRICT CMember School BoardYesDana M. Partin70 Copper Beech Court Christiansburg24073danapartin@mcps.org
MONTGOMERY COUNTYDISTRICT DMember Board of SupervisorsYesMichel T."Todd" King4010 Five Points Road Riner24149tking407@aol.com
MONTGOMERY COUNTYDISTRICT DMember School BoardNoTravis K. Williams640 KEYSTONE DR CHRISTIANSBURG24073travis4mcps@gmail.com
MONTGOMERY COUNTYDISTRICT DMember School BoardYesJamie M. Bond2263 Pilot Road Christiansburg24073jamielmb@aol.com
NELSON COUNTYCENTRALMember Board of SupervisorsNoErnie Q. ReedPO Box 573 Nellysford229580573erniereed4nelson@gmail.com
NELSON COUNTYCENTRALMember Board of SupervisorsNoPamela C. Brice18647 Thomas Nelson Faber22938vote4pambrice@mail.com
NELSON COUNTYEAST DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesJesse N. Rutherford942 Peavine Ln Shipman229712628friendsofjesserutherford@gmail.com
NELSON COUNTYNORTH DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoMary S. Cunningham171 Joshua Ln Afton229202428mscsherpa@gmail.com
NELSON COUNTYNORTH DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesT. D. "Tommy" Harvey10921 Rockfish Valley Highway Afton22920harveyasc@gmail.com
NELSON COUNTYNORTH DISTRICTMember School BoardYesJanet M. Turner-Giles35 Crawfords Knob Ln Afton229203014 
NEW KENT COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member School BoardNoMargaret "Molly" McBeath19516 Tidalwater Rd Barhamsville23011tidalwater2@yahoo.com
NEWPORT NEWS CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesTiffany M. BoylePO Box 14686 Newport News23608teamtiffany@vote4boyle.com
NEWPORT NEWS CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesHoward E. Gwynn231 Lisa Dr Newport News23606guilty1@cox.net
NEWPORT NEWS CITY SheriffYesGabe A. MorganPO Box 150 Newport News23607gabemorgan@gabemorgan.com
NEWPORT NEWS CITY TreasurerYesMarty G. Eubank702 Brenda Rd Newport News23601mbank23@verizon.net
NORFOLK CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoAdam M. GoldbergPO Box 11598 Norfolk235170598GoldbergForNorfolk@gmail.com
NORFOLK CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesBlythe A. Scott536 Redgate Ave Norfolk235071715blytheascott757@gmail.com
NORFOLK CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoNicole K. Sanders2628 Oklahoma Ave Norfolk235134447 
NORFOLK CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoRamin FatehiPO Box 55 Norfolk235010055friends@fatehinorfolk.com
NORFOLK CITY SheriffNoNeil H. Bradley Jr.7713 Bergen St Norfolk235184402neilbradley1776@gmail.com
NORFOLK CITY SheriffYesJoseph P. "Joe" Baron7661 Manassas Ct Norfolk235184632joe.baron@hotmail.com
NORFOLK CITY TreasurerYesDaun Sessoms Hester946 Marietta Ave Norfolk235133150HesterforTreasurer@gmail.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTY Member School Board At LargeNoJill G. Bieri2246 SAND HILL DR CAPE CHARLES23310jill.bieri1@gmail.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTYCAPE CHARLESMember Town Council - SpecialNoEllen M. O'Brien631 MONROE AVE CAPE CHARLES23310elleob007@gmail.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTYCAPE CHARLESMember Town Council - SpecialNoHerbert A. "Herb" Thom Jr.119 FIG ST CAPECHARLES23310herbertathom39@gmail.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTYCHERITONMember Town Council - SpecialNoJason Bryan Sparrow3487 SUNNYSIDE RD CAPE CHARLES23310jasonbsparrow@yahoo.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsNoRobert W. Stubbs29391 HELENS WAY CAPE CHARLES23310robstubbsforvirginia@yahoo.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsYesJohn R. Coker1530 ELLIOTTS CREEK LN CAPE CHARLES23310JohnCoker@aol.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member School BoardNoElizabeth "Liz" Jones6 TAZEWELL AVE CAPE CHARLES23310lizmartinjones@gmail.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsNoErnest L. Smith Jr.5208 BEVERLY LANE CAPE CHARLES23310j2bria@aol.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsYesDavid W. Fauber6545 BROADWATER CIRCLE CAPE CHARLES23310dfauber3@gmail.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member School BoardNoHelene B. Doughty15336 SEASIDE RD CAPE CHARLES23310bhdoughty@verizon.com
NORTHAMPTON COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member Board of SupervisorsYesOliver H. BennettPO BOX 211 BIRDSNEST23307obennett@ncpsk12.com
NORTON CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoMary Hagy337 Chestnut St NW Norton242731401mhagy4cor@gmail.com
NORTON CITY Member City CouncilNoR. DALTON EMERSHAW501 Oak Ave NW Norton242732013emershawdalton@yahoo.com
NORTON CITY Member City CouncilYesSarah E. Davis1113 VA AVE NW NORTON24273sarahdavis4nortoncitycouncil@gmail.com
NORTON CITY SheriffNoJason F. Mcconnell410 Poplar St NW Norton242731421ja5002@hotmail.com
NORTON CITY SheriffNoMark A. Caruso525 Oak Ave NW Norton242732013mac@pathfindersoa.com
NORTON CITY TreasurerYesBarbara A. Muir407 Poplar St NW Norton242731420barbaram@nortonva.org
ORANGE COUNTYDISTRICT FOURMember Board of SupervisorsYesJames P. "Jim" Crozier9651 Meadows Rd Locust Grove225089746crozierenviro@gmail.com
ORANGE COUNTYDISTRICT FOURMember School BoardNoChelsea M. Quintern35171 Sara Ct Locust Grove22508cquintern@gmail.com
ORANGE COUNTYDISTRICT FOURMember School BoardYesBette H. Winter35258 Pheasant Ridge Rd. Locust Grove22508bettewinter50@gmail.com
ORANGE COUNTYDISTRICT ONEMember Board of SupervisorsYesR. Mark JohnsonMark Johnson for Supervisor13451 Albano Rd.Barboursville22923rmarkjohnson142@gmail.com
ORANGE COUNTYDISTRICT ONEMember School BoardNoMelissa S. Anderson13475 Constitution Hwy Orange22960msa.andersondesigns@gmail.com
ORANGE COUNTYDISTRICT THREEMember Board of SupervisorsNoDonald D. Brooks9258 Everona Rd Unionville22567brooksdonald@hotmail.com
ORANGE COUNTYDISTRICT THREEMember Board of SupervisorsNoEllen O. Pitera10155 Rapidan Rd Orange22960ellenpiterabos@gmail.com
ORANGE COUNTYDISTRICT THREEMember Board of SupervisorsNoKeith F. Marshall8306 Everona Rd Unionville22567marshallfarms@comcast.net
PAGE COUNTY Chairman Board of SupervisorsNoKeith P. Weakley124 Meadow Lane Stanley22851keith.weakley93@gmail.com
PAGE COUNTY Chairman School BoardNoMegan L. Gordon1085 Shipwreck Rd Shenandoah228493935mgordon4444@embarqmail.com
PAGE COUNTY Chairman School BoardYesJason Scott Breeden1927 Honeyville Rd Stanley228513415breeden4schoolboard@gmail.com
PAGE COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsYesD. Keith Guzy, Jr.154 Pass Run Dr Luray228353529keith.guzy@gmail.com
PAGE COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member School BoardYesThomas "Tommy" Lansberry956 Rileyville Rd Rileyville226501927tberry@centurylink.net
PAGE COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member Board of SupervisorsYesJeffery P. "Jeff" Vaughan301 Precision Rd Shenandoah228493802jeff@kvkprecision.com
PAGE COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member School BoardYesJackie A. Sullivan Smoot604 S 1st St Shenandoah228491704jasmoot@yahoo.com
PAGE COUNTYLURAYMember Town Council - LurayNoStephanie L. Lillard511 9th Ave Luray22835slilllard@townofluray.com
PATRICK COUNTY Commissioner of RevenueNoCindy D. Kendrick2181 Hardie Stone Rd Patrick Springs24133kendrickpaving@gmail.com
PATRICK COUNTYDAN RIVER DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoBrandon J. Simmons1226 Holly Tree Rd Ararat24053bsimmons1644@yahoo.com
PATRICK COUNTYSMITH RIVER DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoDouglas B. Perry3773 Mill House School Rd Woolwine24185 
PATRICK COUNTYSMITH RIVER DISTRICTMember School BoardNoCaroline M. Jones3273 Elamsville Rd Stuart24171Caroline.Jones.SB@gmail.com
PATRICK COUNTYSMITH RIVER DISTRICTMember School BoardYesWalter Luther Scott140 Valley Lane Stuart24171wltvalley@hotmail.com
PETERSBURG CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesBrittany C. Flowers3280 Denise Rd Petersburg23805flowersb3.bf@gmail.com
PETERSBURG CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesTiffany BucknerP. O. Box 1134 Petersburg23804Buckner4CA@gmail.com
PETERSBURG CITY SheriffYesVanessa R. Crawford1616 Kings Rd Petersburg238051119sheriffcrawford@gmail.com
PETERSBURG CITY TreasurerNoManya Udaya Kumar709 Fort Hayes CtApt-BPetersburg23805manya.udayakumar@gmail.com
PETERSBURG CITY TreasurerNoPaul Z. Mullin Jr.P.O. Box 1865 Petersburg23805Mullinfortreasure@gmail.com
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYBANISTER DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoJessie L. Barksdale1604 Abbott Place Chatham24531jessie.barksdale7@gmail.com
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYBANISTER DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesCharles H. Miller, Jr.181 Friendship Rd Ext Chatham24531obc_inc@msn.com
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYBANISTER DISTRICTMember School BoardYesRaymond Calvin Ramsey, Sr7153 Halifax Rd Chatham24531ramsey97@gamewood.net
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYCALLANDS-GRETNA DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoDarrell W. Dalton921 Terry Road Gretna24557darrelldalton1@icloud.com
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYCALLANDS-GRETNA DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoGregory S. Robinson5350 Oxford Rd Chatham24531gregsrobinson@icloud.com
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYCALLANDS-GRETNA DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoRyland E. Brumfield1393 Burke Road Gretna245574879ryland.brumfield@live.com
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYCALLANDS-GRETNA DISTRICTMember School BoardNoJacob B. HancockP.O. Box 625 Gretna24557hancockjacob92@gmail.com
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYCALLANDS-GRETNA DISTRICTMember School BoardYesCalvin D. "Bunky" Doss106 West Watts StreetPO BOX 100Gretna24557dossgang@fairpoint.net
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYDAN RIVER DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoTimothy W. Chesher3101 Rocksprings Road Ringgold24586 
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYDAN RIVER DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesJoe B. Davis2749 Kentuck Rd Ringgold24586joe_d5211@yahoo.com
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYDAN RIVER DISTRICTMember School BoardNoKelly H. Merricks2795 Loop Rpad Keeling24566khmerricks@gmail.com
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYDAN RIVER DISTRICTMember School BoardYesCassandra F. Crump168 Clark Street Ringgold24586cfcrump@verizon.net
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYHURTMember Town Council - SpecialNoDonney F. Johnson526 Darrell Ln Hurt24563 
PITTSYLVANIA COUNTYHURTMember Town Council - SpecialNoGary N. Poindexter514 Darrell Lane Hurt24563 
POQUOSON CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesJoseph B. "Joe" Coccimiglio18 River Rd. Poquoson23662Joseph.coccimiglio@poquoson-va.gov
POQUOSON CITY Member City Council - CentralNoKeith A. Feigh10 Willis Court Poquoson23662kfeigh3@cox.net
POQUOSON CITY TreasurerYesSteven D. Clarke186 Odd Rd. Poquoson23662Steven.Clarke@Poquoson-va.gov
PORTSMOUTH CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesF. D. "Frankie" EdmondsonP.O. Box 934 Portsmouth23705fde123@verizon.net
PORTSMOUTH CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesStephanie N. MoralesP.O. Box 284 Portsmouth23705moralesforportsmouth@gmail.com
PORTSMOUTH CITY Member City Council - SpecialNoEdward L. Brown, Jr.275 Webster Avenue, Apt. A Portsmouth23704edbrown44@outlook.com
PORTSMOUTH CITY Member City Council - SpecialYesChristopher L. Woodard Jr.P.O. Box 822 Portsmouth23705woodardforportsmouth@gmail.com
PORTSMOUTH CITY Member School Board - SpecialNoMelvin Cotton, Jr.4151 Bishops Place Portsmouth23703melvin@melvincottonforportsmouth.com
PORTSMOUTH CITY Member School Board - SpecialNoWillie J. Bamberg, IIP.O. Box 54 Portsmouth23705bamberg4PPS@gmail.com
PORTSMOUTH CITY SheriffNoStanley L. "Stan" Davis2110 Evergreen Place Portsmouth23704davisstan905@gmail.com
PORTSMOUTH CITY SheriffYesMichael A. Moore4529 Winston Road Portsmouth23703michael.moore@portsmouthva.gov
PORTSMOUTH CITY TreasurerYesPaige D. Cherry4036 Estates Lane Portsmouth23703cherryforcitytreasurer@yahoo.com
POWHATAN COUNTY TreasurerNoRebecca C. "Becky" NunnallyP.O. Box 575 Powhatan23139bnunnally@comcast.net
POWHATAN COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsNoAmy KingeryP.O. Box 382 Powhatan23139alkmetro@verizon.net
POWHATAN COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsNoNathan Mitchell846 Westwood Pine Ct. Moseley23120nathan.mitchell51@gmail.com
POWHATAN COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsNoSteven W. McClungP.O. Box 683 Powhatan23139McClung617RR@msn.com
PRINCE EDWARD COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member Board of SupervisorsYesJerry R. Townsend955 New Bethel Rd Meherrin23954jtbosLeigh@yahoo.com
PRINCE EDWARD COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member Board of SupervisorsYesLlewellyn W. Gilliam, Jr.1803 West Third St. Farmville23901info@mairrigation.com
PRINCE EDWARD COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member School BoardYesLucy B. Carson3367 Back Hampden Sydney Rd Farmville23901lbcvac@gmail.com
PRINCE EDWARD COUNTYDISTRICT 6Member Board of SupervisorsYesJ. David Emert470 Oliver Rd Prospect239607984 
PRINCE EDWARD COUNTYDISTRICT 6Member School BoardYesElzora Glenice Stiff3554 Twenty Two Rd. Pamplin23958eljararowe@msn.com
PRINCE EDWARD COUNTYDISTRICT 7Member Board of SupervisorsYesJim R. Wilck814 Creekwood Trl Farmville239012149jwilck@embarqmail.com
PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY Clerk of CourtNoJoyce Burke Jackson9013 Pole Run Road Disputanta23842jbjackson@vacourts.gov
PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY SheriffNoChristina L. "Crissy" Woods5921 Courthouse Rd Prince George23875konagirl05@gmail.com
PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY SheriffNoPaul W. Burroughs3875 Woodcroft Dr Disputanta23842burroughs.pw@gmail.com
PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY SheriffNoR. W. "Buck" Vargo4810 Ruffin Road Prince George23875buckv24@gmail.com
PRINCE GEORGE COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsYesFloyd M. Brown Jr.10682 Lamore Dr Disputanta23842floyd.brownjr@comcast.net
PRINCE GEORGE COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member School BoardNoAnthony C. Howard3801 Woodcroft Dr Disputanta23842pglocksmith@aol.com
PRINCE GEORGE COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member School BoardYesRobert E. L. "Rob" Eley III4951 Red Gate Dr Disputanta23842pgroyals17@gmail.com
PRINCE GEORGE COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member Board of SupervisorsYesMarlene J. Waymack7110 Laurel Spring Road Prince George23875waymack4pg@gmail.com
PRINCE GEORGE COUNTYDISTRICT 2Member School BoardYesChristopher"Chris"Johnson4005 Newstead Place Prince George Chris.Johnson1155@gmail.com
PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTYHAYMARKETMember Town Council - SpecialNoEdward L. Robinson Jr.6817 Jefferson St HAYMARKET20169edrobinson13@gmail.com
PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTYHAYMARKETMember Town Council - SpecialNoMary A. Ramirez14974 Cheyenne Way HAYMARKET20169mary.ramirez5413@gmail.com
PULASKI COUNTYDUBLINMember Town Council - DublinNoS. Wayne Seagle525 Church St Dublin240842916printmastersinc@yahoo.com
RADFORD CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesCathy P. Flinchum2514 River Street Radford24141cathy.flinchum@radfordva.gov
RADFORD CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesChris E. Rehak505 8th St Radford24141rehaklaw@yahoo.com
RADFORD CITY SheriffYesMark R. Armentrout1201 2nd Ave Radford24141mark.armentrout@radfordva.gov
RADFORD CITY TreasurerYesJanet H. Jones902 Dundee Dr Radford24141lvrodeo@verizon.net
RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTYPIEDMONT DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoJohn "Cliff" Miller IV87 Mt. Vernon Lane Sperryville22740cliffmiller@gmail.com
RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTYPIEDMONT DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesChristine Smith11891 Lee Highway Sperryville22740chrsmith11@hotmail.com
RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTYPIEDMONT DISTRICTMember School BoardYesRachel L. Bynum53 Waterpenny Ln Sperryville22740RachelBynum@gmail.com
RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTYSTONEWALL-HAWTHORNE DISTMember Board of SupervisorsNoDavid L. Konick32 Thunder Valley Lane Castleton22716dlkonick@earthlink.net
RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTYSTONEWALL-HAWTHORNE DISTMember Board of SupervisorsNoVan C. Carney4662 Sperryville Pike Woodville22749vancarney@gmail.com
RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTYSTONEWALL-HAWTHORNE DISTMember School BoardNoRoderick S. "Rod" Osborne96 Castle Mountain Road Castleton22716rozzman65@aol.com
RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTYSTONEWALL-HAWTHORNE DISTMember School BoardYesLarry E. Grove25 Belle Ridge Farm Lane Woodville22749lgrove9577@aol.com
RICHMOND CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesColette W. McEachin4101 Uppingham Rd Richmond232351142ecolmc@gmail.com
RICHMOND CITY SheriffNoMichael R. Dickinson3717 Patterson Ave Richmond23221miked4rva@gmail.com
RICHMOND CITY SheriffYesAntionette V. IrvingPO Box 7969 Richmond23223avirving@irvingforsheriff.com
RICHMOND CITY TreasurerNoL Shirley Harvey1805 Stegge Ave Richmond232247835lshirleyharvey@hotmail.com
RICHMOND CITY TreasurerYesNichole Richardson Armstead3605 Moss Side Ave Richmond23222NicholeRArmstead@gmail.com
RICHMOND COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsYesRichard E. Thomas678 SHARPS ROAD WARSAW22572 
RICHMOND COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member Board of SupervisorsNoRobert B. PembertonPO BOX 97 SHARPS22548 
ROANOKE CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoRyan S. Lafountain1527 Chapman Ave SW Roanoke24016ryan.lafountain@gmail.com
ROANOKE CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoMelvin L. Hill    mhilllaw@aol.com
ROANOKE CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesDonald S. Caldwell3780 Chesterton St SW Roanoke240181804donald.caldwell@roanokeva.gov
ROANOKE CITY SheriffNoAntonio D. Hash216 Eugene Dr NW Roanoke240174600 
ROANOKE CITY TreasurerYesEvelyn W. Powers329 Darwin RD SW Roanoke24014epowerscitytreasurer@cox.net
ROANOKE COUNTYCATAWBA DISTRICTMember School BoardNoBrent T. Hudson5211 Cherokee Hills Dr. Salem24153hudsonforschoolboard@gmail.com
ROANOKE COUNTYCATAWBA DISTRICTMember School BoardNoDeneen L. Evans1744 High Gate Ln Salem24153deneenevans64@gmail.com
ROANOKE COUNTYCATAWBA DISTRICTMember School BoardNoGreg S. Irby1440 Blackwood Dr. Salem24153contactus@gregsirby.com
ROANOKE COUNTYHOLLINS DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesPhil C. North5207 Plantation Grove Lane Roanoke24012pcnorth@aol.com
ROANOKE COUNTYHOLLINS DISTRICTMember School BoardYesDavid M. Linden8268 Olsen Road Roanoke24019david-linden@cox.net
ROANOKE COUNTYVINTON DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesP. Jason PetersPO Box 147 Vinton jpeters@vintonems.com
ROANOKE COUNTYVINTON DISTRICTMember School BoardYesTimothy D. "Tim" GreenwayPO Box 24 Vinton24179tim.greenway@cox.net
ROANOKE COUNTYWINDSOR HILLS DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesDavid F. Radford2772 Electric Rd.Ste. 1Roanoke24018dfradford@gmail.com
ROANOKE COUNTYWINDSOR HILLS DISTRICTMember School BoardNoCheryl A. Facciani5836 Old Locke Ct. Roanoke24018cherylfacciani@gmail.com
ROANOKE COUNTYWINDSOR HILLS DISTRICTMember School BoardYesJason B. Moretz5728 Cavalier Dr Roanoke240183849jbmoretz@icloud.com
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTYGLASGOWMember Town Council - GlasgowNoLisa B. Rogers602 MCCULLOCH ST GLASGOW24555glasgowemt@hotmail.com
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTYGLASGOWMember Town Council - GlasgowYesAndrea R. Bradley1506 ROCKBRIDGE RD GLASGOW24555 
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTYGLASGOWMember Town Council - GlasgowYesThomas E. "Tom" Camden920 ANDERSON ST GLASGOW24555camdent@wlu.edu
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTYKERRS CREEK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoScott G. Guise336 MURAT RD LEXINGTON244502021guisekerrscreekbos@gmail.com
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTYKERRS CREEK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesDaniel E. Lyons170 District Ct LEXINGTON24450delyons55@gmail.com
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTYKERRS CREEK DISTRICTMember School BoardNoM. Catherine "CATIE" Brown235 UNION RUN LEXINGTON24450catieaustinbrown@gmail.com
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTYKERRS CREEK DISTRICTMember School BoardNoMorgan R. McCown100 MCCOWN LN ROCKBRIDGE BATHS24473morganrmccown@gmail.com
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTYSOUTH RIVER DISTRICTMember School BoardYesCorey W. Berkstresser1313 MOUNTAIN VIEW RD LEXINGTON24450coreyberky@gmail.com
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTYWALKERS CREEK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoAlexis B "Lex" LaMotte1236 Dutch Hollow Raphine24472lex4rockbridge@gmail.com
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTYWALKERS CREEK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesAlbert J."Jay" Lewis IIPO Box 9 Rockbridge Baths244730009leadershipwithlewis@gmail.com
ROCKINGHAM COUNTY Commissioner of RevenueYesJ Daniel Cullers2300 Four Leaf Circle Dayton22821dancullers@gmail.com
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYBROADWAYMember Town Council - BroadwayNoJohn L. Dove263 4th Street Broadway22815softball47@msn.com
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYBROADWAYMember Town Council - BroadwayNoPatrick L. Fritz330 N Sunset Dr Broadway22815patrick@fritzfordelegate.com
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYBROADWAYMember Town Council - BroadwayYesBeverly L. "Bev" London162 McKinley Dr Broadway22815bevlondon@gmail.com
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYBROADWAYMember Town Council - BroadwayYesChad L. Comer153 Atlantic Avenue Broadway22815comercomer84@gmail.com
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYBROADWAYMember Town Council - BroadwayYesLeslie E. Fulk501 Rosemont Dr Broadway22815bigbigdaddie@comcast.net
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYDAYTONMember Town Council - SpecialNoSusan N. Mathias3040 John Wayland Hwy Dayton22821smathias@dayton.va.us
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsYesDewey Lee Ritchie10191 Acorn Ln Broadway22815dlritchie@rockinghamcountyva.gov
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member School BoardYesJackie Osborne Lohr11621 Zirkle Ln Broadway22815 
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member Board of SupervisorsYesRick L. Chandler9941 Port Republic Rd Port Republic24447rchandler@rockinghamcountyva.gov
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member School BoardNoHilary L. Irons4431 Magnolia Ridge Dr Rockingham228012453ironsforschoolboard@gmail.com
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member School BoardNoLori M. Mier1444 Verdant Spring Ln Rockingham22801lorimaymier@gmail.com
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member School BoardNoMatthew W. Cross1275 Bluewater Rd Rockingham228018670cross.matthew@phwc.org
ROCKINGHAM COUNTYGROTTOESMember Town Council - SpecialNoJames C. "Jim"Justis112 Park Avenue Grottoes24441jim.justis@comcast.net
SALEM CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesKristie D. ChittumKristie D. Chittum for Commissioner of Revenue213 Edgemont DRSalem24153 
SALEM CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesThomas E. BowersThomas E. Bowers824 Pendleton DriveSalem24153 
SALEM CITY SheriffNoChristopher "Chris" G. Shelor     
SALEM CITY SheriffNoRichard A. Goodman,SRRichard A. Goodman, SR963 Page StreetSalem24153goodman3323@gmail.com
SALEM CITY SheriffYesApril M. StatonP.O. Box 2542 Salem24153aprilstaton@hotmail.com
SALEM CITY TreasurerYesDanielle C. CrawfordDanielle C. Crawford1311 Winston DriveSalem24153dccrawford@salemva.gov
SCOTT COUNTY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoKyle B. KilgoreP.O. Box 669 Gate City24251kylek1278@gmail.com
SCOTT COUNTYNICKELSVILLEMember Town Council - SpecialNoJeremiah E. Gillenwater310 Dean Hollow Nickelsville24271 
SCOTT COUNTYNICKELSVILLEMember Town Council - SpecialNoStephen L. Glovier217 Dean Hollow Rd Nickelsville24271 
SCOTT COUNTYWEBER CITYMember Town Council - SpecialNoGreg W. Smith139 Independence Dr Weber City24290 
SCOTT COUNTYWEBER CITYMember Town Council - SpecialNoLarry W. Wagnerwithout 164 McNutt St Weber City24290 
SCOTT COUNTYWEBER CITYMember Town Council - SpecialNoRobert P. Hammonds Jr.192 Wilmeth Street Weber City24090rbhamm24@gmail.com
SCOTT COUNTYWEBER CITYMember Town Council - SpecialNoTeresa A. Tilson211 Tulip Poplar St Weber City24290 
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsNoG.A. "Hap" Kwiatkowski Sr1660 Pepper Rd. Mount Jackson22842hapkins@shentel.net
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsYesJoshua M. StephensPO Box 623 Basye22810stephens22847@gmail.com
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member School BoardNoDennis C. Barlow5 TEE COURT NEW MARKET22844denbar945@gmail.com
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member School BoardNoKeven M. Walker9349 N. Congress St. New Market22844kmw63va@aol.com
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member Board of SupervisorsNoH. Wade Guinn819 Burgess Ct Woodstock22664hwquinniii@gmail.com
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member Board of SupervisorsYesKarl V. RoulstonKarl V. Roulston154 N. Church St.Woodstock22664kvroulston@regulus-group.com
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member School BoardNoKyle L. Gutshall307 Eagle Street Woodstock22644kylegutshall2001@gmail.com
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member School BoardNoSteven P. Shaffer404 N. River Dr Woodstock22664sshaffer@shentel.net
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member Board of SupervisorsNoRandall L. Hamman265 Breckenridge Ct Strasburg22657rhamman1977@gmail.com
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member Board of SupervisorsYesDennis M. Morris1695 Brook Creek Rd. Toms Brook22660dmorris@shentel.net
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member School BoardNoBrandi Rudolph Rutz138 Rutz Ln. Strasburg22657BrandiRutz@gmail.com
SHENANDOAH COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member School BoardNoWilliam D. French, Jr.3075 Headley Rd Maurertown22644wdfrench13@gmail.com
SHENANDOAH COUNTYNEW MARKETMember Town Council - SpecialNoPeter R. Hughes227 Periwinkle Ln New Market22844prhughes@shentel.net
SMYTH COUNTYCHILHOWIE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesMike L. Sturgill664 Colecrest Dr Chilhowie24319mikesturgill8412@gmail.com
SMYTH COUNTYROYAL OAK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoS. Courtney Widener108 Sapwood Dr Marion24354samuelwidener@yahoo.com
SMYTH COUNTYROYAL OAK DISTRICTMember School BoardYesPaul L. Grinstead323 Greystone Rd Marion24354paullgrinstead@gmail.com
SMYTH COUNTYSALTVILLE DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoJackie L. Branson Jr.194 Hillcrest Cir Saltville24370branson91@comcast.net
SOUTHAMPTON COUNTYBOYKINSMember Town Council - BoykinsNoRobert Chet Poland18232 Oak Road Boykins23827PolandRC@koppers.com
SOUTHAMPTON COUNTYBRANCHVILLEMember Town Council - BranchvilleNoBetty M. Smith15378 Broad Street Branchville23828bmsmith68@hotmail.com
SOUTHAMPTON COUNTYBRANCHVILLEMember Town Council - BranchvilleYesChristopher M. Fatherly15286 Broad Street Branchville23828 
SOUTHAMPTON COUNTYBRANCHVILLEMember Town Council - BranchvilleYesKelly Joe Ray15165 Grizzard Street Branchville23828krayals@aol.com
SOUTHAMPTON COUNTYFRANKLIN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesRobert T. WhiteP O Box 434 Franklin23851robert@leewhiteinc.com
SOUTHAMPTON COUNTYJERUSALEM DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesAlan Woodrow Edwards29102 Millstone Circle Courtland23837alanedwards48@outlook.com
SOUTHAMPTON COUNTYNEWSOMS DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoLynda Thorpe Updike33335 Statesville Road Newsoms23874updikes@earthlink.net
SOUTHAMPTON COUNTYNEWSOMS DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoWalter D. "Walt" Brown III33334 Sandy Ridge Road Franklin23851wdbrowniii@aol.com
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYBATTLEFIELD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoBaron P. Braswell6103 Black Oak Court  22407baronbraswell@gmail.com
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYBATTLEFIELD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoNick Ignacio1912 Coleman Lane Fredericksburg22407candidate.nick.ignacio@gmail.com
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYBATTLEFIELD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesChris "Yak" Yakabouski214 Creek Lane Fredericksburg22407cyak1974@aol.com
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYBATTLEFIELD DISTRICTMember School BoardNoLawrence A. Dibella III6007 Wickenden Street Fredericksburg22407DiBellaforbattlefield@gmail.com
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYBATTLEFIELD DISTRICTMember School BoardNoNicole Cole9909 Ashmeade Ct  22407 
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYBERKELEY DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesKevin W. Marshall5101 Stanfield Road  22551marshall4berkeley@gmail.com
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYBERKELEY DISTRICTMember School BoardNoApril M. Gillespie3651 Shirleys Hill Road  22534gillespie4berkeley@gmail.com
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYBERKELEY DISTRICTMember School BoardYesErin K. Grampp5 Appaloosa Drive  22551eringrampp@aol.com
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYLEE HILL DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoLori Hayes10805 Samantha Place  22408hayes4supervisor@gmail.com
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYLEE HILL DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoTodd A. Rump13103 Willow Point Drive Fredericksburg22408 
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYLEE HILL DISTRICTMember School BoardNoRichard "Rich" Lieberman3628 Carolina Court Fredericksburg22408richforschoolboard@gmail.com
SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTYLEE HILL DISTRICTMember School BoardYesLisa A. Phelps2812 Angela Court Fredericksburg22408phelps4schools@gmail.com
STAFFORD COUNTYAQUIA DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoMonica L. Gary40 Dons Way Stafford22554friendsofmonicagary@gmail.com
STAFFORD COUNTYAQUIA DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoPaul V. Milde III10 Potomac View Ln Stafford22554pvmilde@gmail.com
STAFFORD COUNTYAQUIA DISTRICTMember School BoardNoDavid S. Fauth18 Antietam Loop Stafford22554dsfauth@gmail.com
STAFFORD COUNTYAQUIA DISTRICTMember School BoardNoMaya P. Guy318 Destroyer Cv Stafford22554mayaguyforaquia@yahoo.com
STAFFORD COUNTYFALMOUTH DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoSandy S. Cole1138 James Madison Circle Fredericksburg22405 
STAFFORD COUNTYFALMOUTH DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesM. G. "Meg" Bohmke416 Collingwood Dr Fredericksburg22405vabohmke@aol.com
STAFFORD COUNTYFALMOUTH DISTRICTMember School BoardYesSarah Breedin Chase224 Spring Knoll Cir Fredericksburg224051916sarahforschoolboard2021@gmail.com
STAFFORD COUNTYGARRISONVILLEMember Board of SupervisorsNoBarton M. "Bart" Randall7 Dorchester Ct Stafford22554bartrandall4supervisor@gmail.com
STAFFORD COUNTYGARRISONVILLEMember School BoardNoMaureen L. Siegmund8 Tavern Rd Stafford22554siegmundforstafford@gmail.com
STAFFORD COUNTYHARTWOOD DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoDarrell E. English60 Cedar Ln Stafford22554english323@aol.com
STAFFORD COUNTYHARTWOOD DISTRICTMember School BoardNoMarc K. Broklawski24 Berea Knolls Dr Fredericksburg224066300marc.broklawski@gmail.com
STAUNTON CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesMaggie A. Ragon893 Preston Dr Staunton24401ragonmag60@gmail.com
STAUNTON CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesJeffrey D. "Jeff" Gaines8 Lee Street Staunton24401electjeffgaines@gmail.com
STAUNTON CITY SheriffNoChris M. Hartless2708 Knollwood Drive Staunton24401chrishartless4stauntonsheriff@gmail.com
STAUNTON CITY SheriffYesMatt H. Robertson1864 C. Springhill Rd Staunton24401mattrobertsonforsheriff@gmail.com
STAUNTON CITY TreasurerYesRichard "Rick" Johnson108 Shawn Circle Staunton24401rick@johnsontreasurer.com
SUFFOLK CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesSusan L. Draper221 Staley Drive Suffolk23434sdraper757@gmail.com
SUFFOLK CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoNarendra R. PleasP.O. Box 2032 Suffolk23432pleasforsuffolkva@gmail.com
SUFFOLK CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoPatrick Lee BalesP.O. Box 884 Suffolk23439bales.lawoffice@gmail.com
SUFFOLK CITY SheriffYesE. C. Harris144 Lane St Suffolk234389716eharris@suffolkva.us
SUFFOLK CITY TreasurerNoDavid L. Boyd5300 South Kemper Lake Court Suffolk23435 
SUFFOLK CITY TreasurerYesRonald H. Williams1117 White Herons Ln Suffolk234345860rwilliams@suffolkva.us
SUFFOLK CITYSLEEPY HOLE BOROUGHMember School BoardNoEbony N. Wright1493 Elderberry Road Suffolk23435ewright@wright4schools.com
SUFFOLK CITYSLEEPY HOLE BOROUGHMember School BoardNoHeather D. Howell117 Foxcroft Road Suffolk23435relayheather@gmail.com
SURRY COUNTYCARSLEY DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoRonald M. Howell, Jr.8097 Martin Luther King Highway Spring Grove23881ronjr1806@yahoo.com
TAZEWELL COUNTYBLUEFIELDMember Town Council - SpecialNoCathy C. Payne500 Country Club Dr Bluefield246059263ccpayne48@comcast.net
TAZEWELL COUNTYRICHLANDSMember Town Council - SpecialNoGary Wayne Jackson107 Eagle St Richlands246412008jackson.gary1960@yahoo.com
TAZEWELL COUNTYRICHLANDSMember Town Council - SpecialNoJeffrey N. Hurst206 Chinch Row Richlands246412776jeffh@hurstscottfuneralhomes.com
TAZEWELL COUNTYRICHLANDSMember Town Council - SpecialNoLaura A. Mollo262 Linwood Dr Richlands246413606fromxthexheart@gmail.com
TAZEWELL COUNTYSOUTHERN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoAaron M. Gillespie416 Harman St North Tazewell246309769gillespie4supervisor@gmail.com
TAZEWELL COUNTYSOUTHERN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoW. C. "Bill" Bunch, Jr.444 Dorsey Ln Tazewell246519238bilbunch@gmail.com
TAZEWELL COUNTYSOUTHERN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsYesD. M. "Mike" HymesPO Box 7 Tazewell246510007Mike.Hymes2014@gmail.com
TAZEWELL COUNTYSOUTHERN DISTRICTMember School BoardYesB. Irene Mullins107 Henry St North Tazewell246309178imullins@tcpsva.org
TAZEWELL COUNTYWESTERN DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoK. Andy HrovaticPO Box 42 Pounding Mill246370042andyfortazewell@gmail.com
TAZEWELL COUNTYWESTERN DISTRICTMember School BoardYesN. Chris MoirPO Box 99 Cedar Bluff246090099six.moirs@gmail.com
VIRGINIA BEACH CITY Commissioner of RevenueNoBen Loyola Jr.3261 Wilderness Lane Virginia Beach23456ben@benloyola.com
VIRGINIA BEACH CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesPhilip J. KellamP.O. Box 56254 Virginia Beach234564philkellam@gmail.com
VIRGINIA BEACH CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesColin D. StolleP.O. Box 56564 Virginia Beach23456colin@colinstolle.com
VIRGINIA BEACH CITY SheriffNoAntonio Passaro Jr.4436 Gibson Cove Place Virginia Beach23456tpjr97@aol.com
VIRGINIA BEACH CITY SheriffYesKenneth W. "Ken" StolleP.O. Box 6232 Virginia Beach23456info@kenstolle.com
VIRGINIA BEACH CITY TreasurerNoLaura Wood HabrPO Box 771 Virginia Beach23451info@votelaurawoodhabr.com
VIRGINIA BEACH CITY TreasurerYesV. Leigh HendersonP.O. Box 62285 Virginia Beach23456voteleighhenderson@gmail.com
WARREN COUNTYFORK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoVicky L. CookPO Box 34 Front Royal226300001vickylcook@protonmail.com
WARREN COUNTYFORK DISTRICTMember School BoardNoAndrea M. Lo323 Salem Ave Front Royal226302541andealo22630@gmail.com
WARREN COUNTYFRONT ROYALMember Town CouncilNoAmber Faith Morris20 E 4th St Front Royal226304409poeamberf@yahoo.cm
WARREN COUNTYFRONT ROYALMember Town CouncilNoH. Bruce Rappaport300 W Main St Front Royal226302526hbrapp01@yahoo.com
WARREN COUNTYHAPPY CREEK DISTRICTMember Board of SupervisorsNoJerome K. "Jay" Butler1310 Imboden Dr Front Royal226305341jkbhappycreek@gmail.com
WARREN COUNTYHAPPY CREEK DISTRICTMember School BoardNoAntoinette D. Funk1204 Devin Ct Front Royal226303753daenfunk@comcast.net
WARREN COUNTYHAPPY CREEK DISTRICTMember School BoardNoStephanie J. Short210 Grimes Golden Rd Linden226426316stephanieshortWC@gmail.com
WARREN COUNTYNORTH RIVER DISTRICTMember School BoardNoAngela Clark RobinsonPO Box 117 Front Royal226300003arobinsonschoolboard@gmail.com
WARREN COUNTYNORTH RIVER DISTRICTMember School BoardNoMelanie C. Salins95 Murrays Dr Middletown226454016n2flipn@gmail.com
WASHINGTON COUNTYDAMASCUSMember Town Council - SpecialNoCharles E. Fields132 Backer Ln Damascus242363154 
WASHINGTON COUNTYDAMASCUSMember Town Council - SpecialNoRobert D. Van de VuurstPO Box 986 Damascus242360986rvandevuurst@bakerdonelson.com
WASHINGTON COUNTYDISTRICT BMember Board of SupervisorsYesRandy L. PenningtonPO Box 356 Meadowview24361randyatbuildingaccents@msn.com
WASHINGTON COUNTYDISTRICT BMember School BoardYesJ. Sanders Henderson III27205 Poor Valley Rd Saltville243703813shenderson@ehc.edu
WASHINGTON COUNTYDISTRICT EMember Board of SupervisorsYesG. Mike Rush21182 Monroe Rd Damascus242362832michaelrush1962@gmail.com
WASHINGTON COUNTYDISTRICT EMember School BoardNoDebbie E. Anderson21224 Monroe Rd Damascus242362834danderso@wcs.k12.va.us
WASHINGTON COUNTYDISTRICT EMember School BoardYesThomas D. Musick20473 Larkspur Ln Damascus242362915musicktom7@gmail.com
WASHINGTON COUNTYDISTRICT GMember Board of SupervisorsYesDwayne A. Ball18415 Cashmere Ct Abingdon242107901dball@washcova.com
WASHINGTON COUNTYDISTRICT GMember School BoardNoJennifer D. "Jenny" Nichols15191 Big Knob Rd Bristol242024949jendenichols@mac.com
WASHINGTON COUNTYDISTRICT GMember School BoardNoTracey Dalton Mercier18458 Harleywood Rd Bristol242023410tracey4schoolboard@gmail.com
WAYNESBORO CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesSabrina L. von Schilling108 COMPASS DR WAYNESBORO22980BRINAVS18@GMAIL.COM
WAYNESBORO CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyYesDavid L. Ledbetter116A S WAYNE AVEPO BOX 1133WAYNESBORO22980dledbetter22980@yahoo.com
WAYNESBORO CITY SheriffNoJessie H. Shaver2409 Davis Road Waynesboro22980shaverjh@gmail.com
WESTMORELAND COUNTY Clerk of CourtNoAnne B. Garner4286 Oldhams Rd Hague22469abbatt3380@gmail.com
WESTMORELAND COUNTY Commissioner of RevenueNoWilliam K. Hoover315 Safe Harbor Lndg Hague224693034hooverforcommissioner@gmail.com
WESTMORELAND COUNTYCOLONIAL BEACHMember Town Council - Colonial Beach - SpecialNoAndrea E. Clement608 Taggart Street Colonial Beach22443andreaclement@yahoo.com
WESTMORELAND COUNTYCOLONIAL BEACHMember Town Council - Colonial Beach - SpecialNoDavid L. Williams1535 Irving Ave Colonial Beach22443lig582@yahoo.com
WESTMORELAND COUNTYCOLONIAL BEACHMember Town Council - Colonial Beach - SpecialNoKenneth E. Allison Jr.105 1st Street Colonial Beach22443kenneth.allison@yahoo.com
WILLIAMSBURG CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesLara S. Overy505 Richmond Rd Williamsburg231853537lovery@cox.net
WINCHESTER CITY Commissioner of RevenueYesAnn T. Burkholder521 Jefferson St. Winchester22601annburkholder@gmail.com
WINCHESTER CITY Commonwealth's AttorneyNoHeather D. HovermalePO Box 320 Winchester22604heatherhovermale@gmail.com
WINCHESTER CITY SheriffYesLes R. TaylorPO Box 4284 Winchester22604winchestersheriff@gmail.com
WINCHESTER CITY TreasurerYesJeffrey L. "Jeff" Barbour2816 SARATOGA DR WINCHESTER22601jbarbour34@yahoo.com
WINCHESTER CITYFIRST WARDMember City CouncilNoJorge V. Gonzalez1543 Nester Dr. Winchester22601Jorgeforwinchesterva@gmail.com
WINCHESTER CITYFIRST WARDMember City CouncilNoRichard S. Bell303 South Loudoun St. Winchester22601rbell303@gmail.com
WISE COUNTYBIG STONE GAPMember Town Council - Big Stone GapNoE. Leonard Bowen3517 East Stone Gap Rd Big Stone Gap242193962l_bowen910@yahoo.com
WISE COUNTYBIG STONE GAPMember Town Council - Big Stone GapNoJames D. "Jim" Vernon319 3rd Ave E Big Stone Gap242192368jimvernon22@comcast.net
WISE COUNTYBIG STONE GAPMember Town Council - Big Stone GapYesAaron W. McKinney1422 1st Ave E Big Stone Gap24219aaronkristi@comcast.net
WISE COUNTYBIG STONE GAPMember Town Council - Big Stone GapYesCrystal S. Lyke1521 Mountain View Ave Big Stone Gap24219crystallyke@gmail.com
WISE COUNTYBIG STONE GAPMember Town Council - Big Stone GapYesJ. Kent Gilley, Jr.118 W 2nd St. S Big Stone Gap24219jkgilley@icloud.com
WISE COUNTYBIG STONE GAPMember Town Council - Big Stone GapYesNancy B. Bailey107 W 2ND ST S BIG STONE GAP24219nbbailey202@gmail.com
WISE COUNTYDISTRICT FOURMember Board of SupervisorsNoJ. Tim Boardwine3323 Nevada Pl Saint Paul242833717spcounciltb@gmail.com
WISE COUNTYDISTRICT FOURMember School BoardYesMark A. Raymond11208 Pine Camp Rd Coeburn242306536mraymond@wisek12.org
WISE COUNTYDISTRICT ONEMember Board of SupervisorsNoRandy D. CarterPO Box 1207 Pound24279rcarter@wisek12.org
WISE COUNTYDISTRICT ONEMember Board of SupervisorsNoRobert A. Anderson, Sr.205 Cedar St Appalachia242162036randersonsr@hotmail.com
WISE COUNTYDISTRICT ONEMember School BoardYesHerbert W. "Herb" Shortt11200 Riverside Circle Pound24279herbert.shortt@yahoo.com
WISE COUNTYDISTRICT THREEMember Board of SupervisorsYesJohn T. Schoolcraft1703 Slagle Rd Big Stone Gap242194577johnt_schoolcraft@yahoo.com
WISE COUNTYDISTRICT THREEMember School BoardNoLorenzo D. Rodriguez1045 Ridgeview Dr Big Stone Gap242193371lorenzo.rod@gmail.com
WISE COUNTYDISTRICT THREEMember School BoardNoStephanie M. Kern1319 Wildcat Rd Big Stone Gap242194449smkernlaw@gmail.com
WISE COUNTYDISTRICT TWOMember Board of SupervisorsYesRobert R. "Bob" AdkinsPO Box 659 Wise242930659robert.adkins10@comcast.net
WISE COUNTYDISTRICT TWOMember School BoardNoRosiland Y. McAmisPO Box 2565 Wise242932565olivebranchelc@gmail.com
WISE COUNTYPOUNDMember Town Council - Pound - SpecialNoLeabern D. KennedyPO Box 694 Pound242790694oldwomaninashoe@yahoo.com
WYTHE COUNTY SheriffNoCharles W. Foster Jr.1255 Crestview Drive Wytheville24382foster4sheriff@gmail.com
WYTHE COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member Board of SupervisorsYesBrian "Cheese" Vaught200 Mountain View Drive Rural Retreat24368bwvaught@icloud.com
WYTHE COUNTYDISTRICT 1Member School BoardNoSteve King314 Mount Airy Road Rural Retreat24368 
WYTHE COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member Board of SupervisorsYesRyan Michelle Lawson295 Cove Hills Drive Wytheville24382thelawsonfamily210@gmail.com
WYTHE COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member School BoardNoDenise S. Davis475 Loretto Drive Wytheville24382 
WYTHE COUNTYDISTRICT 3Member School BoardYesPeggy A. Wagy855 Rolling Hills Drive Wytheville24382 
WYTHE COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member Board of SupervisorsNoJesse Randolph BurnettP.O. Box 98 Barren Springs24313 
WYTHE COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member Board of SupervisorsYesCoy L. McRoberts222 Sipe Lane Ivanhoe24350mcrobertscoy@yahoo.com
WYTHE COUNTYDISTRICT 5Member School BoardYesAnn H. Manley1774 Ivanhoe Road Max Meadows24360ahmanley@earthlink.com
YORK COUNTYDISTRICT 4Member Board of SupervisorsYesG. Stephen Roane, Jr.307 Fielding Lewis Dr Yorktown23692sroane@att.net