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Democratic Local Primary Candidates, June 8, 2021

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LocalityOffice TitleDistrictCandidate NameCandidate StatusEmailPhoneCampaign AddressLine 2Zip
ALBEMARLE COUNTYMember Board of SupervisorsJACK JOUETT DISTRICTDiantha H. MckeelUnopposed - No Primary Helddiantha.mckeel@embarqmail.com434-296-4931103 Smithfield Ct 229012252
ALBEMARLE COUNTYMember Board of SupervisorsRIO DISTRICTNed L. GallawayUnopposed - No Primary Heldgallawayforsupervisor@gmail.com434-242-39352159 Loring Cir 229010668
ALBEMARLE COUNTYMember Board of SupervisorsSAMUEL MILLER DISTRICTJim H. AndrewsUnopposed - No Primary Heldandrews.james@gmail.com434-260-34542055 Spoon Hill Farm 229037488
ALEXANDRIA CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Bryan L. PorterUnopposed - No Primary Heldbryan@porterforalx.com 423 Queen St 22314
ALEXANDRIA CITYMayor Allison SilberbergQualifiedallison@allisonsilberberg.com703-395-00061544 Mount Eagle Place 22302
ALEXANDRIA CITYMayor Justin M. WilsonQualifiedcampaign@justin.net703-299-1576300 Aspen St 22305
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council Alyia Smith-Parker GaskinsQualifiedalyia.gaskins@gmail.com412-584-9555800 W Broad StPO Box #63322040
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council Amy B. JacksonQualifiedamy4alexandria@gmail.com703-597-94394012 Ellicott St 22304
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council Canek AguirreQualifiedinfo@canekforcouncil.com571-336-62911100 Wythe St #469 22313
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council James C. Lewis, Jr.Qualifiedjameslewisforalexcouncil@gmail.com724-288-3995PO Box 16924 22302
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council John Taylor ChapmanQualifiedchapman4council@gmail.com571-236-4170112 W. Taylor Run Pkwy 22314
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council Kevin J. HarrisQualifiedcampaign@voteforkevinharris.com410-370-0565404 Cook St 22314
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council Mark Leo ShifferQualifiedmark@markshiffer.info617-953-7059408 Cloverway Dr 22314
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council Meronne E. TekluQualifiedinfo@meronneforcouncil.com571-408-1037PO Box 22244 22304
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council Patrick B. MoranQualifiedpatrick@patrickmoran.org301-481-60581023 Queen St 22314
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council R. Kirk McPikeQualifiedinfo@kirkmcpike.com571-384-8639PO Box 16109 22302
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council Sarah R. BagleyQualifiedinfo@sarahforcitycouncil.com PO Box 66 22313
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council William C. "Bill" RosselloQualifiedbill.rossello@gmail.com703-587-8080501 Cathedral Drive 22314
ALEXANDRIA CITYMember City Council William E. "Bill" CampbellQualifiedcampbell4council21@gmail.com703-399-9521320 N Fayette Street 22314
ALEXANDRIA CITYSheriff Sean CaseyUnopposed - No Primary Heldsean@caseyforsheriff.com703-429-01982419 Ridge Road 22302
ARLINGTON COUNTYMember County Board Chanda ChounQualified  4401 4th St N # 251 22203
ARLINGTON COUNTYMember County Board Takis P. KarantonisQualified  1401 S Edgewood St #472 22204
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITYCommissioner of Revenue Todd D. DiversQualifiedtdivers@yahoo.com434-974-90342332 Glenn Court 22901
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Joseph D. PlataniaQualifiedjoeplataniaforcwa@gmail.com434-906-4976308 12th ST NE 22902
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Ray S. Szwabowski IIIQualifiedszwabowski@gmail.com804-301-29791506 E. Market St. 22902
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITYMember City Council Brian R. PinkstonQualifiedbrianpinkston@yahoo.com434-882-10381108 Saint Charles Court 22901
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITYMember City Council Carl E. BrownQualifiedcebrownassociates@gmail.com434-989-7907640 Elizabeth Ave 22901
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITYMember City Council Joshua M. CarpQualifiedjm.carp@gmail.com201-259-76411510 Amherst St 22903
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITYMember City Council Juandiego WadeQualifiedlmchandran3@gmail.com434-882-2187P.O. Box 2544 22902
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITYSheriff James E. Brown IIIQualifiedbrownoar@hotmail.com434-953-5185P.O. Box 272 22902
CHARLOTTESVILLE CITYTreasurer Jason A. VandeverQualifiedjason.a.vandever@gmail.com434-981-16202210 Greenbrier Dr 22901
HAMPTON CITYCommissioner of Revenue Ross A. MuglerUnopposed - No Primary Heldrmugler@hampton.gov757-850-395411 Oakville Road 23669
HAMPTON CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Anton A. BellUnopposed - No Primary Heldantonbell2012@gmail.com 3 Quarterhorse Turn 23664
HAMPTON CITYSheriff Curtis C. CooperQualifiedcurtisc1234@icloud.com757-288-1049100 Stonehurst Road 23669
HAMPTON CITYSheriff John A. PerkinsQualifiedmantisperkins@yahoo.com757-652-20057 Ashwood Drive 23666
HAMPTON CITYSheriff Karen E. BowdenQualifiedbowdenfamily234@cox.net757-838-4354P O Box 484 23669
HAMPTON CITYTreasurer Chris O. SneadQualifiedSneadforTreasurer@gmail.com757-303-63096 Cook Circle 23669
HAMPTON CITYTreasurer Tammy B. IshmaelQualifiedtammy4treasurer@gmail.com804-218-916426 Town Centre Way #738 23666
MONTGOMERY COUNTYMember Board of SupervisorsDISTRICT ALiam J. WatsonQualifiedliamwatsonva@gmail.com540-425-2255PO Box 10124 24062
MONTGOMERY COUNTYMember Board of SupervisorsDISTRICT ASara R. BohnQualifiedsarabohnforsupervisor@gmail.com540-239-03712360 Woodland Hills Dr 240609270
NEWPORT NEWS CITYCommissioner of Revenue Tiffany M. BoyleUnopposed - No Primary Heldteamtiffany@vote4boyle.com757-797-6091PO Box 14686 23608
NEWPORT NEWS CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Howard E. GwynnUnopposed - No Primary Heldguilty1@cox.net757-926-7443231 Lisa Dr 23606
NEWPORT NEWS CITYSheriff Gabe A. MorganUnopposed - No Primary Heldgabemorgan@gabemorgan.com757-599-1254PO Box 150 23607
NEWPORT NEWS CITYTreasurer Marty G. EubankUnopposed - No Primary Heldmbank23@verizon.net757-599-3268702 Brenda Rd 23601
NORFOLK CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Amina Matheny-WillardQualifiedaminafornorfolk@gmail.com 999 Waterside Dr Ste 2525 235103316
NORFOLK CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Megan C. ZwisohnQualifiedmegan@meganforcommonwealth.com 417 W 20th St Unit 11581 235171296
NORFOLK CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Ramin FatehiQualifiedfriends@fatehinorfolk.com PO Box 55 235010055
RADFORD CITYCommissioner of Revenue Cathy P. FlinchumUnopposed - No Primary Heldcathyflinchum@gmail.com540-577-88692514 River St 24141
RADFORD CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Chris E. RehakUnopposed - No Primary Heldrehaklaw@yahoo.com540-605-0906505 8th St 24141
RADFORD CITYTreasurer Janet H. JonesUnopposed - No Primary Heldlvrodeo@verizon.net540-320-3308902 Dundee Dr 24141
RICHMOND CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Colette W. McEachinQualifiedecolmc@gmail.com804-316-05684101 Uppingham Rd 232351142
RICHMOND CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Tom P. Barbour Jr.Qualifiedtom@tomrvaca.com804-615-9315PO Box 12322 232410322
RICHMOND CITYSheriff Antionette V. IrvingQualifiedavirving@irvingforsheriff.com804-350-2554PO Box 7969 232230169
RICHMOND CITYSheriff William J. BurnettQualifiedwilliamburnettforsheriff@gmail.com804-803-26541200 W 46th St 232254645
ROANOKE CITYCommissioner of Revenue Ryan S. LaFountainUnopposed - No Primary Heldryan.lafaountain@gmail.com706-424-65611527 Chapman Ave SW 240163226
ROANOKE CITYCommonwealth's Attorney Melvin L. HillUnopposed - No Primary Heldmhillaw@aol.com540-521-91403025 Ashwood Cir NE Apt 192 240126393
ROANOKE CITYSheriff Antonio D. HashQualifiedubugospel@gmail.com540-556-5955216 Eugene Dr NW 240174600
ROANOKE CITYSheriff LeMajors "Lee" T. HillQualifiedlemajorhill@cox.net540-519-6506231 Eugene Dr NW 240174667
ROANOKE CITYTreasurer Evelyn W. PowersUnopposed - No Primary Heldepowerscitytreasurer@cox.net540-537-4667329 Darwin Rd SW 240143042
SUFFOLK CITYCommonwealth's AttorneyNarendra R. PleasUnopposed - No Primary Heldpleasforsuffolk@gmail.comPO Box 203223432