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Register to vote or apply for a ballot online using the Citizen Portal.

 Please note that not every district will be holding a June 21, 2022 Primary Election. Click here to see if your district is holding a Primary Election


  • Absentee Voting Begins (June Primary Election): May 6th


Deadlines in June apply to the June 21st Primary Election

  • Last Day To Apply Online for Absentee Ballot (June Primary Election): June 10th
  • Last Day to Request Replacement Absentee Ballot (June Primary Election): June 18th
  • Last Day to Apply In-Person for Absentee Ballot (June Primary Election): June 18th
  • Last Day to Request an Emergency Absentee Ballot (June Primary Election): June 20th
  • Election Day (Primary): June 21st


Deadlines in October apply to the November 8th Election

  • Last Day to Register to Vote for November Election: October 18th
  • Last Day to Apply Absentee Online, Mail, or Fax: October 28th


Deadlines in November apply to the November 8th Election

  • Last Day to Apply In-Person for Absentee Ballot: November 5th
  • Last Day to Request a Replacement Absentee Ballot: November 5th
  • Last Day to Request an Emergency Absentee Ballot: November 7th
  • Election Day: November 8th


High school students

The Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT) is sponsoring a contest among Virginia’s high school students to select a creative and clever name for Virginia's new voter registration system!

Find out more information on the contest page.

Contest Question: 

The written statement or video must address: 

  • What should the new State Voter Registration System be named? 
  • Why should your name be picked? Explain why you chose the name and how it relates to the importance of voting!


How to Enter: 

  1. Please see your history/social studies teacher for a link and password to entry submission!

Virginia’s Governor’s Challenge

High school students walking down hall

“Our democracy depends on voting, and it should be as easy as possible,” said Governor Northam. “Our landmark 2021 Voting Rights Act of Virginia makes voting easier and more accessible. This challenge helps ensure young people have the resources they need to become active and civic-minded citizens for life.”

The Governor’s High School Voter Registration Challenge encourages schools to register as many of their voting-age population as possible. High schools that register at least 65 percent of their eligible senior class will receive a congratulatory certificate from the Governor. The annual competition, created in 2016, is the result of a collaboration between the Office of the Governor, the Secretaries of Administration and Education, the Virginia Department of Elections, and the League of Women Voters of Virginia.

The Governor’s Challenge helps high schools comply with a 2020 law that requires Virginia public high schools to facilitate voter registration during the school day. Students born on or before November 2, 2003 can register to vote in this year’s November 2nd general election.

“We are always excited to be a part of this event,” said Secretary of Administration Grindly Johnson. “This contest is a great way to introduce the next generation of Virginia voters to the electoral process. We hope that it continues to encourage students to be enthusiastic about making their voices heard and contributing to our democracy.”

The Virginia’s Governor’s Challenge was established in 2016 to recognize high schools that register the most students!

  • High Schools across the Commonwealth must register 65% of their senior class in order to gain recognition from the Governor’s Office.
  • Enter the challenge by using your school’s unique URL found here: https://lwv-va.org/virginiahsvr/. Students without driver’s licenses need to apply on paper forms. For information on how to get and return paper forms, email HSVRChallenge@lwv-va.org.
  • New Virginia law requires schools assist eligible students to register. Again, we can help you accomplish that – just email us!

What Are The Prerequisites For Registering To Vote In Virginia?

  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Be a resident of Virginia.
  • Be at least 18 years old by the next general election. 17-year-olds who will turn 18 on or before the next general election (November 2, 2021) can register now.
  • Seventeen-year-olds who are registered to vote can also vote in primary AND special elections in Virginia!
  • Have had voting rights restored if ever convicted of a felony.
  • Have had capacity restored if ever declared mentally incapacitated in a Circuit Court.

Reach Out to Fellow Voters!

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Every vote counts and everyone who is registered and legally qualified has a right to vote. Virginia voters must be validated prior to voting and there are safeguards in place for early and absentee voting as well as voting in person. Learn more at Vote.Virginia.gov. #VAisForVoters





We want everyone to be able to vote if they are eligible. So, the Commonwealth has processes in place for voters 65 and older, those with a disability and those with vision or dexterity challenges. Learn more about how Virginia safeguards elections at Vote.Virginia.gov.



Did you know that protection against voter suppression, discrimination or intimidation is the law in Virginia? You have rights as a voter including being able to vote if you are in line by 7 pm when polls close. Find out more at Vote.Virginia.gov. #VAisForVoters


Voting in Virginia is secure



Whether you decide to vote in person on Election Day, in person before Election Day, or to use an absentee ballot, you’ll know that your vote will be safe and secure, thanks to all of the safeguards we use to make all elections safe, secure and accessible. To learn more, visit Vote.Virginia.gov.

Officer of Elections Poster

Women holding a poster for officer of elections

Download and print Officer of Election poster for Virgnina.