Cardinal An Agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Every Day In Virginia, a unique community
of citizens defend democracy by ensuring the
right of every voter to safe, secure elections.


Virginia Takes Election Security Seriously

Working every day to ensure every vote is verified, secured and protected.
In Virginia, you can count on being counted.

  • One Voter


    Voter Validated
    Virginia validates all registered voters to ensure you are who you are
    One Vote
    Voter Validated
    Virginia registered voters must be validated prior to voting—with safeguards in place for both early and absentee voting Voters can also sign an affirmation swearing they are who they say they are.
  • No Internet


    Virginia voting machines are never connected to the internet on election day
    No Hackers
    Virginia voting machines are never connected to the internet in any way on election day No connections means that hackers can't gain access to mess with or change your vote, or alter outcomes.
  • Paper Ballot


    Ballots Assured
    Paper ballots are kept secured to provide proof of your vote and keep the count honest
    Paper Proof
    Ballots Assured
    Virginia ballot boxes are always locked and sealed to keep the record of your vote safe and sound Paper ballots provide physical proof of a voter's intent and can be used to verify numbers and keep the count honest.

Virginia Votes By The Numbers

My Vote Counted
5,735,673 Registered voters live in Virginia as of May 31, 2020
15,000 Volunteers are needed to conduct
general elections in Virginia (become one)
470 Pages of code are followed
in conducting elections in Virginia
133 Certified registrars serve voters across the Commonwealth
95 Independent counties make up Virginia
38 Independent cities make up Virginia
17 Pages long (the job description of a VA registrar)
Vote (closest margin of victory in a Virginia
election—see, your vote matters!)
0 Voting machines are connected to internet on election day
“Paper ballots and optical scanners are the least vulnerable to cyber-attack.”

Back To The Future Of Voting

A Brief History of Voting Machines

“Your vote does matter, and I can assure you as the chief election official in Virginia that your vote will count.”
CHRIS PIPER, VA Elections Commissioner

Virginia Mails It In


VA Votes

By Mail
Fact: What we now call absentee voting actually dates back to the Civil War, when soldiers were given the opportunity to cast ballots from the battlefield and have them be counted back home. Soon after, states began expanding absentee voting laws in the late 1800s to accommodate voters who were away from home or sick on Election Day.
Mail-in votes in the 2016 VA general election
Sources: VA Department of Elections; MIT Election Data + Science Lab
Fact: nearly 1 in 4 votes
were cast by mail in 2018

31 Million

Americans voted by mail in 2018

That's 28.5% of

Election participants
Since 2000 more than 250 million votes have been
cast via mailed-out ballots—and in all 50 states


Virginia's Democracy Defenders Never Rest,

Vowing to keep our elections safe, secure and accessible to all voters.
In Virginia, you can count on them to be counted.

  • Policy Analyst
    Daniel Davenport
    “You can't hack a piece of paper.”
    Daniel Davenport
    Department of Elections
    Spacer Daniel Davenport As a policy analyst for the Virginia department of elections — it's both my role and sworn duty to uphold the integrity of our electoral process. Fair elections are the bedrock of Virginia and our nation, and I'm not about to let anyone interfere with that—or us.
  • Registrar Liaison Supervisor
    Garry E. Ellis
    “Democracy is a relationship established in trust.”
    Garry E. Ellis
    Spacer Garry E. Ellis Being a registrar liaison supervisor takes genuine respect for all — it's the ability to walk in the shoes of others and to listen with open ears and keep an open mind; and I think that's a good way to build the trust in Virginia.
  • Director of Elections
    Stephanie Iles
    “Our margin for error is really small. Actually, it's ZERO.”
    Stephanie Iles
    Spacer Stephanie Iles Being director of elections means constantly preparing for the next election — and that's a full-time, 365-day job. We work hard every day training and preparing for just one. Because on Election Day you just can't leave anything to chance. And we never do.
  • General Registrar
    Tara Morgan
    “Protecting your vote is my full-time job.”
    Tara Morgan
    Spacer Tara Morgan As registrar, my most important job is registering voters — and ensuring every Virginian who wants to vote CAN vote. It's your right to share in the democratic process of our state and our nation, and it takes all of us trusting each other to make it work.
  • Director of Elections
    Ryan Mulligan
    “The best way to vote is with confidence.”
    Ryan Mulligan
    Spacer Ryan Mulligan As director of elections, I'm here to ensure voters that our elections are secure and free from interference — and that begins by reassuring that voting machines are never connected to the internet in any way on Election Day. No wires. No Wifi. No intrusion.
  • General Registrar
    Teresa Smithson
    “In Virginia, you can count on being counted.”
    Teresa Smithson
    Spacer Teresa Smithson Being a registar means being here for my voters and all Virginians — to ensure that whether voting in person at their polling place or by mail-in ballot, or even in my office, that their vote is validated, it is secured, and it is counted. Always.

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Virginia needs you. Help defend
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