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Contest Information

The Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT) is sponsoring a contest among Virginia’s high school students to select a creative and clever name for Virginia's new voter registration system! See below for details!

  • What is VERIS:

    The Virginia Election and Registration Information System (VERIS) is a technology solution that allows authorized users to maintain voter registration records. Some of the key functions of this system include: list maintenance activities (i.e. removal of voters due to felony convictions, duplicates, death, notice of change of address, etc.), processing absentee applications and ballots, managing provisional ballots, and tracking voters polling locations. The system also supports election management functions, which include election, office, referendum, and candidate maintenance, petition processing, and voting location administration, as well as the capture and reporting of election results, and providing correspondence and reports.

    To continue ensuring free, fair and secure elections in Virginia, The Department of Elections (ELECT) is assessing options available in the industry to replace or upgrade the current VERIS to meet next generation database standards in light of evolving technical and security setting, along with changes in voter registration and election requirements.

    This assessment was set in motion during the 2019 session of the Virginia General Assembly, when House Bill (HB) 1700 directed ELECT, in consultation with the Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) the Commonwealth’s information technology organization, to draft a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the potential replacement or upgrade of VERIS.  

    The 2020 session of the General Assembly in HB29 then directed ELECT to release a Request for Information (RFI) to seek market information on VERIS systems and maximize marketplace competition for the potential award of the RFP.

  • Why have a contest:

    ELECT is sponsoring a contest among Virginia’s high school students to select a creative and clever name for Virginia's next generation voter registration system! 


    This is an opportunity to engage your students and encourage their participation in the election process, even among those who have not yet reached the age requirement to cast their first vote.  The contest is open to Virginia high school students currently enrolled in public, private, or home-school high school level curriculum (grades 10-12). 

  • Contest Rules:

    Contest Rules:

    1. The contest is open until May 20, 2021. All student submissions must be received by ELECT within this timeframe. 
    2. Participants should submit a short paragraph no longer than 250 words; OR a video submission no longer than 90 seconds.
    3. Entries can be submitted by individuals or groups (no more than 5 students to a group).
    4. No vulgar language, no political messaging, no targeting of any demographic groups.


  • Contest Question:

    Contest Question: 

    The written statement or video must address: 


    • What should the new State Voter Registration System be named? 
    • Why should your name be picked? Explain why you chose the name and how it relates to the importance of voting!


  • How to Enter:

    Please see your history/social studies teacher for a link and password to entry submission!

  • Review Process:

    Submissions will be screened by ELECT employees, as well as a panel of judges before a final name is chosen in March.

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